Labor Day Weekend in Alaska

So it’s Friday afternoon, Denny and I both have the day off. At 2:00 we’re going to pick up J.D. from school and head to Homer with our travel trailer for the long weekend. In the meantime, we’re waiting for the CLOG & DRAIN guy to come and fix the KITCHEN SINK, which is all stopped up and leaking and a huge mess, because of what I allegedly put down the garbage disposal. So a stressful start to our fun camping weekend.

We are going to go about halfway to Homer today, stopping at the Kenai Princess Lodge in Cooper Landing to stay the night in their RV park. Then on Saturday morning we’ll head into Homer, Denny and J.D. will probably do some fishing for silver salmon on Saturday, then they are scheduled to go on a halibut charter on Sunday, which will be all day. I will wander around Homer Spit, walk the beach, read, nap, and do whatever I want. Then when they get back they’ll probably want to fish for silvers some more. Then we’ll leave on Monday morning (maybe stopping on the way out to fish for silvers), and head back to Anchorage, where hopefully our kitchen sink will be clog-free.


the tragic end of boat mail from the states.

some of you might not know that I have an addiction.  A rather harmless addiction… and in fact one which I saw no end to and could not imagine giving up.  Until…. until those rotten ratfink folks at the USPS decided to end all international surface mail.   You see, I had this fabulous book store  bookmarked and checked it out every day.  I checked it every day to see what new books had been added… each book that looked interesting and likely to improve my lot in life I added to my shopping cart.  When the shopping cart had about 20 books, I would hit SEND and sit back and wait 8 weeks for the box of wonder to arrive.  I have on my bookshelves some absolutely fabulous knitting books, quilting books, cook books, travel books and so many others that I was able to buy CHEAPLY and also at really reasonable shipping costs.

 until, those yellow belly sapsuckers at the USPS decided to cancel boat mail.  Those killjoys.  Not only me… but every other person in every other country will no longer get that box of stuff from the family at christmas….. and charity groups, and booksellers and exporters and church groups and every one else has to suffer the slings and arrows of first class postage or do without.

There is a petition circulating on the internet for people to sign to bring back surface mail. I think that the way things are going in america now there isnt a chance in HADES for a change to occur.  or rather for a change to UN-occur.

well, I have one thing and only one thing to say to those folks down at the USPS…

may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

I too am new at this blogging thing

hello all.  I am still figuring out this blogging thing,  like how to get some pictures posted and stuff…. I think that I am the only one that can add new posts and you all can only comment.  I dont think there is a limit on comment length, so I would think you all could add lots of newsy tidbits to keep us all updated.  If you look below each new post that I add, you can add comments there, instead of scrolling back to old posts……

At this point, only you, my 2 siblings and parents have this link….. I am not sure if in the future I will go public with this and let other people read it or not….  also, in the event that it does go public, I am keeping it fairly annonymous…. for no reason other than”just because”  .

 Keep on with the updates everyone, this is great!!!! 

I wonder what the time difference is between Japan and Indonesia…. I suppose that brother and I are in  fairly similar time zones…and perhaps similar weather conditions.

hot. damn hot. and muggy too.    I reek like a race horse!!!!!!

its not billy’s boot camp!!!!

there is this thing they do here, radio exercises, broadcast on national radio at 630 in the morning…..the kids in the summer are encouraged to go to the local park and participate… they get rewards for attendance, like notebooks and pencils and stuff and gift certificates to spend at the store……. many of the kids go and several “older” people come along too. This year for the very first time I have gone every day!!!! (but I am the only one that brings coffee along…..)  The exercise routine itself is simple… and in fact has remained unchanged since it originally began (decades ago) and everyone over about 7 can do it from memory and with their brain half off…… I, being old and slow have to watch someone else and still don’t get it right all the time.  It is also mindnumbingly silly and isnt really a very good work out…….. its designed for anyone, from like 3-100 years old…..

the part that bothers me most is that I do it everyday, feeling silly and ridiculous and thinking of how it could be changed to be so much more effective and exciting and something that people would do with enthusiasm and vim and vigor!!!!!!!

 and thats why I am different… not the red hair or the green eyes or the sturdy norwegian body………I am different because I think about how great everyday events would be if I could just change them.  My brain gears are constantly turning and churning and coming up with great ideas that I do so wish I could inflict  enlighten share with people.  Like what if we could rechoreograph this tired dull routine and make it more lively and invigorating……

and therein lies the rub.  I can’t and I won’t and I shouldn’t because all those people doing the same old excercise routine in the park day in day out year after year probably find comfort in the familiarity.

and that is why I am a gaijin.  I wonder where my brother is………….

we have made contact with the brother…..

in the about section, there is a comment regarding the whereabouts of my brother!!!!!!

WOOT!!!!!!!!  the idea is working……. he and his wife, I hope, will read this blog and keep me and other family members in the know……….

and here is why……. I watch CNN… daily, and the way the world is going these days it seems to be one disaster after another……. earthquakes, tsunami, plane crashes and hurricanes…… each new disaster and of all things… I wonder…..WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY BROTHER?………….so, I will post updates on my family and my stuff and (hopefully) he and his wife will provide updates in the comments…… of course, comments from my sister (I know where she is…) and my parents (know where they are most of the time) will keep us all in the know.   

new blog.

where is he??? he travels all over and I dont know where he is.  Will wait for him to check in before I proceed.