I too am new at this blogging thing

hello all.  I am still figuring out this blogging thing,  like how to get some pictures posted and stuff…. I think that I am the only one that can add new posts and you all can only comment.  I dont think there is a limit on comment length, so I would think you all could add lots of newsy tidbits to keep us all updated.  If you look below each new post that I add, you can add comments there, instead of scrolling back to old posts……

At this point, only you, my 2 siblings and parents have this link….. I am not sure if in the future I will go public with this and let other people read it or not….  also, in the event that it does go public, I am keeping it fairly annonymous…. for no reason other than”just because”  .

 Keep on with the updates everyone, this is great!!!! 

I wonder what the time difference is between Japan and Indonesia…. I suppose that brother and I are in  fairly similar time zones…and perhaps similar weather conditions.

hot. damn hot. and muggy too.    I reek like a race horse!!!!!!


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