Changi Quilts

this is a link that will tell you about the Changi quilts….. I have ordered for myself from Amazon japan, 3 books…..

one is called Positively Postcards… and I am hoping for amazing amounts of ideas and inspiration about making quilted postcards.

another is the new one by the yarn harlot……… “Casts off” by stephanie pearl mcphee….. I read her blog daily and love reading her books………

and finally,  Diary of a girl in Changi………written by a girl in Changi prison during WWII.

Since the ground sucking bottom fish at the USPS don’t send boat mail anymore I can’t order any cheap books from Daedalus, so  I have to get my book buying kicks less often and more expensive.

ah well.  such is life.

I still wonder where my brother is.

here is a link which should allow you to see   a picture of the quilt……


about bugs and things.

have had this fabulous eye pillow…. made of some soft silky material and filled with lavender and husks and it smelled wonderful and felt wonderful resting upon my eyes, especially when I was suffering the pre-migraine aura thing that I get sometimes.

anyhoo….. this climate and this season and this locale supports quite a nice variety of bugs which invade my home.  The ants swarm around my kitchen looking for spilled food and the cockroaches crawl in and out of here and there….. last year we had some bees come into the living room and lay their eggs into the holes in a wooden pencilholder…and a few years ago we had a bee guy come to remove a rather large GIANT KILLER WASP nest hanging just over the kids bikes (he makes a  good living…200 dollars for the removal)…

but, back to the lovely lavender eye pillow….hanging in a pocket of one of those pocket organizers that hang on a door…… the pocket was SWARMING, i tell you SWARMING with some kind of round hard pinhead size bug that had totally invaded that eye pillow feasting on the maybe buckwheat filler….. fleas or weevils or something.

note to self……… stick to synthetic fillers….

note to the dyson vacuum cleaner company……. thanks for the excellent de-bugger….. in the past week I have rid the entry way of 3 not giant wasps……. cleaned up several hundred ants, sucked up gobs and gobs of flea/weevils and yesterday I vacuumed my matress and possibly decimated countless dust mites…….


it’s all about hats.

画像 154 画像 154画像 197

yes, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  My fine youngest son in a bird hat.  I  got the pattern from FOLK HATS….. I can totally recommend this book if you want to make fun and funny hats.  Those of you who spent time with me last summer (as in 2006) might remember me working on this hat…….. it sure was fun to make!!!!!!!!

and in other hat news…………….

画像 197 

these are the 3 dog hats I made during the year of the dog…… my very fashionable kids were not even embarrassed to wear them to school!!!!!!!  I think I got the dog pattern from an old scandinavian knit pattern book from mom……. HINT HINT…… those old knitting books (VINTAGE) can really have some great ideas…… and the hat pattern is just pretty generic….

anyhoo….. I just wanted to add  a knitting post in case there are any knitters reading out there….. oh and if you are wondering what’s on the sticks now……………..  I am working on a 2 strand blend of cotton (pink) and wool (maroon) rectangular lacy shawl….. and on other sticks…… a kind of messenger type shopping bag in  a log cabin design in cotton…..

still about 30 (nearly 90) degrees so haven’t pulled out any quilting yet.

mom and dad are back from their drive halfway across america (and back) …

I wonder where my brother is……..

the ugly quilt…..

you don’t know, but you can imagine that I have a rather large and out of control stash of fabulous material.  I  shamelessly admit to removing bags of clothes from the garbage… and going through the stuff put out for recycle, and also to buying stacks and stacks of material (only if it is on sale) both new and from flea markets/garage sales.  I also get given lots of stuff as others clean up their clutter and pass it on to me………..

so it’s no surprise that I also have stacks and stacks of stuff that I don’t really like….. that keeps getting passed over and resorted and stuffed back in the closet….. so…in yet another attempt to BASH THE STASH… I started an UGLY QUILT………..

画像 079画像 079

its not really that ugly,  I just kept passing over  that material. 

 In the window hanging on the couch is a heart quilt that Mom made…….

the ugly quilt is one huge thing folded in half.  It will be  nice heavy cover for my queen sized bed and I used a synthetic sheet/blanket thing that I have always hated to line it ….. this winter I will finish quilting it and put some kind of border on it….. not sure what color  yet, but one day an idea will come. (the border of course will come from existing stash)

Its supposed to be 34 celcius today, *93.2* fahrenheit which is way damn too hot for even thinking about getting back to the quilts.

by the way, there is still a lot of ugly stuff in the stash…… it takes a lot of quilt tops to clean out the clutter………

I wonder where my brother is………….

Happy Anniversary to Our Parents

Hi folks, wherever you are, and happy anniversary to you.
I can’t believe it’s been a year since we celebrated your 50th. It was good to get your email and hear how your trip is going!


wish I could post a picture. testing one two three…..

画像 503

not sure.  will it work?????  this is a quilt top in progress that this winter will perhaps be basted and quilted. totally made from scraps and totally eyeballed for blocks. I was hoping to use up a whole bunch of scraps but didnt even put a dent in the supply.

画像 504

here is what it looks like spread out on the living room floor.  I put on the bright pink and yellow border stuff but I don’t know if I like the border.  I am thinking I should have stuck with a red border. So, last spring I folded it up and stuck it in the closet to think about later.  When it cools down I’ll take  a look and see what it says to me and choose some kind of back….It’s not like knitting and I can just rip it out and redo it…. it feels so much worse to rip out a quilt.  Instead I would rather learn to live with it…..or add to it to improve the design…. move forward rather than backward (which is ok sometimes with knitting)

Don’t know why all the pictures are coming in twice.  I guess 2 is better than nothing.

yes, its another typhoon report.

Mon, the 17th, is a national holiday in Japan…. Respect for the Aged……. the neighborhood sponsors a rather festive event down at the school and about 80 attend to be honored.  Food is ordered in and a surprising amount of beer and sake and tea is consumed by the old folks…… hula dancers perform, and the school drum club, and some singers and the kids group I help with do a performace…. this year we will be doing PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON on recorders and hand held air powered keyboards….. the kids spent several hours (and us mother leaders spent even several more hours) folding origami  flower bouquets……… and making cards…… last year a typhoon blew through and the whole event was cancelled….. last night watching the weather, we saw, way down south, a typhoon making its way directly towards us, expected to hit on the 17th…those poor old folks, might not get their party…….however, we will go around the neighborhood door to door delivering their presents and the special cake they get, too. 

 in other news….. K1 has a dodgeball thing on sunday and next saturday K2 gets her braces put on and K3 has started swimming lessons with K2….twice a week.

I am sewing on fish, I am going to make several sets and send them to my friend to hang on the wall at her school with price tags……….perhaps like the little stockings I make every christmas to give away, they will soon become “those damn fish” because I feel like I am just cranking them out… but not yet…. they are still a joy to create and fun little creatures to work on.   I am thinking that I might try a little extra embellishing with some sashiko thread and maybe some different material combintions.

oh what fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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