early in the morning…

I am still working on getting pictures into my posts.  Not able to do it yet… but will update my flickr stuff later.  Yesterday I sent off a “one skein shawl” that I knit for an internet acquintance…… last year I wrote to her “I am going to knit you a shawl”, so I did.  The funny thing is that I suffered SHAWL PANIC……. I pulled some great yarns from the stash and got started on a colorful heavy wool creation but never having knit a shwl before, realized that by the time I got into the shawl and the bigger and bigger it got, I would not be able to finish it before the weather started warming up. So, RRRRRRRIPPP..  back to the books for more ideas…… I thought that it might be  good time to try  a LACE project……back to the books for something “they” say is “simple”.

Yah…. simple……. after much backtracking and taking out stitches one at a time……. lots of miss counting and lots of cursing…. I decided that lace was not for me…….I think that I made a few more false starts (in fact I think there are one or two still on needles deep in the knitting basket I am looking forward to digging on) and then I came upon the ONE SKEIN SHAWL…… its knit on big needles with just a few yarnovers for a lacy feel… I have this really beautiful sportweight cotton naturally dyed  beautiful dusty rose……and 2 days ago I rinsed and blocked it… yesterday I put it in the mail… and hopefully, the light lacy summery shawl will get a fews weeks use before the cold winter winds begin to blow….

look to flickr for photos…..later….

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