yes, its another typhoon report.

Mon, the 17th, is a national holiday in Japan…. Respect for the Aged……. the neighborhood sponsors a rather festive event down at the school and about 80 attend to be honored.  Food is ordered in and a surprising amount of beer and sake and tea is consumed by the old folks…… hula dancers perform, and the school drum club, and some singers and the kids group I help with do a performace…. this year we will be doing PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON on recorders and hand held air powered keyboards….. the kids spent several hours (and us mother leaders spent even several more hours) folding origami  flower bouquets……… and making cards…… last year a typhoon blew through and the whole event was cancelled….. last night watching the weather, we saw, way down south, a typhoon making its way directly towards us, expected to hit on the 17th…those poor old folks, might not get their party…….however, we will go around the neighborhood door to door delivering their presents and the special cake they get, too. 

 in other news….. K1 has a dodgeball thing on sunday and next saturday K2 gets her braces put on and K3 has started swimming lessons with K2….twice a week.

I am sewing on fish, I am going to make several sets and send them to my friend to hang on the wall at her school with price tags……….perhaps like the little stockings I make every christmas to give away, they will soon become “those damn fish” because I feel like I am just cranking them out… but not yet…. they are still a joy to create and fun little creatures to work on.   I am thinking that I might try a little extra embellishing with some sashiko thread and maybe some different material combintions.

oh what fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. usmasbc
    Sep 14, 2007 @ 07:50:06

    Hope they get their party. Cool about the braces- KG has been going to the orthodonist as well- she is getting a BUNCH of teeth pulled when she gets back. Keep dodging and swimming.


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