the ugly quilt…..

you don’t know, but you can imagine that I have a rather large and out of control stash of fabulous material.  I  shamelessly admit to removing bags of clothes from the garbage… and going through the stuff put out for recycle, and also to buying stacks and stacks of material (only if it is on sale) both new and from flea markets/garage sales.  I also get given lots of stuff as others clean up their clutter and pass it on to me………..

so it’s no surprise that I also have stacks and stacks of stuff that I don’t really like….. that keeps getting passed over and resorted and stuffed back in the closet….. so…in yet another attempt to BASH THE STASH… I started an UGLY QUILT………..

画像 079画像 079

its not really that ugly,  I just kept passing over  that material. 

 In the window hanging on the couch is a heart quilt that Mom made…….

the ugly quilt is one huge thing folded in half.  It will be  nice heavy cover for my queen sized bed and I used a synthetic sheet/blanket thing that I have always hated to line it ….. this winter I will finish quilting it and put some kind of border on it….. not sure what color  yet, but one day an idea will come. (the border of course will come from existing stash)

Its supposed to be 34 celcius today, *93.2* fahrenheit which is way damn too hot for even thinking about getting back to the quilts.

by the way, there is still a lot of ugly stuff in the stash…… it takes a lot of quilt tops to clean out the clutter………

I wonder where my brother is………….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jude
    Sep 21, 2007 @ 13:05:11

    hey, there is no such thing as an ugly quilt!, i love this… a quilt in the true tradition of what a quilt was to be. sometimes i over dye a quilt to tint it and tone it down if the colors don’t please me. or sometimes i don’t. this is great! i like it!


  2. Miss Behaving
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 13:34:00

    I have to say I think it is an ugly quilt in a kind of
    only it’s Mother could love it kind of a way. I love it’s Mother so I love the quilt too. I love especially that there is a piece of fabric in there, that this quilt’s Mother lovingly made into a fantabulous kyushoku napkin, for my kids. she backed a piece of jean leg and me and my kids think it is wonderful.


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