it’s all about hats.

画像 154 画像 154画像 197

yes, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  My fine youngest son in a bird hat.  I  got the pattern from FOLK HATS….. I can totally recommend this book if you want to make fun and funny hats.  Those of you who spent time with me last summer (as in 2006) might remember me working on this hat…….. it sure was fun to make!!!!!!!!

and in other hat news…………….

画像 197 

these are the 3 dog hats I made during the year of the dog…… my very fashionable kids were not even embarrassed to wear them to school!!!!!!!  I think I got the dog pattern from an old scandinavian knit pattern book from mom……. HINT HINT…… those old knitting books (VINTAGE) can really have some great ideas…… and the hat pattern is just pretty generic….

anyhoo….. I just wanted to add  a knitting post in case there are any knitters reading out there….. oh and if you are wondering what’s on the sticks now……………..  I am working on a 2 strand blend of cotton (pink) and wool (maroon) rectangular lacy shawl….. and on other sticks…… a kind of messenger type shopping bag in  a log cabin design in cotton…..

still about 30 (nearly 90) degrees so haven’t pulled out any quilting yet.

mom and dad are back from their drive halfway across america (and back) …

I wonder where my brother is……..


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  1. Ravenhill
    Jan 04, 2008 @ 18:27:35

    He looks so lively, I think he and Sebastian would have a wonderful time together. How old is he, I forgot? Are your children fully fluent in both Englislh and Japanese? Mine are fluent in both eng and Norwegian.

    When will you be coming to visit us in Norway?


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