about bugs and things.

have had this fabulous eye pillow…. made of some soft silky material and filled with lavender and husks and it smelled wonderful and felt wonderful resting upon my eyes, especially when I was suffering the pre-migraine aura thing that I get sometimes.

anyhoo….. this climate and this season and this locale supports quite a nice variety of bugs which invade my home.  The ants swarm around my kitchen looking for spilled food and the cockroaches crawl in and out of here and there….. last year we had some bees come into the living room and lay their eggs into the holes in a wooden pencilholder…and a few years ago we had a bee guy come to remove a rather large GIANT KILLER WASP nest hanging just over the kids bikes (he makes a  good living…200 dollars for the removal)…

but, back to the lovely lavender eye pillow….hanging in a pocket of one of those pocket organizers that hang on a door…… the pocket was SWARMING, i tell you SWARMING with some kind of round hard pinhead size bug that had totally invaded that eye pillow feasting on the maybe buckwheat filler….. fleas or weevils or something.

note to self……… stick to synthetic fillers….

note to the dyson vacuum cleaner company……. thanks for the excellent de-bugger….. in the past week I have rid the entry way of 3 not giant wasps……. cleaned up several hundred ants, sucked up gobs and gobs of flea/weevils and yesterday I vacuumed my matress and possibly decimated countless dust mites…….



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  1. Grandpa H
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 00:27:08

    Your bug blog reminds me of the summer two years ago when you and the kids were here. The bee infestation-remember. WE have had very few bees this year. Thank goodness.

    Our trip came off very well. Covered 4500 miles. Saw everybody we wanted to see, (except for Don’s wife Doris. She would not come out to play.)We are just getting used to being home again. Nice. Dad


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