the one skein shawl

oops.  I realized that I haven’t shared any news on the completed shawl.  I have photos!!

first of all, I soaked it and blocked it, pinning it directly to the floor, those straw tatami mats are great for that……..on a beach towel to absorb the water…

画像 623

and then I had my fine young daughter model it for me……..

画像 626

i am quite pleased with how it turned out.  I used a whole skein and decided I wanted to mke it bigger, so I started another skein to knit a few more rows….

Oh, and here is another scarf I made with smaller needles and no lacey holes…. kind of more bandana like, it’s being modelled by the woman I gave it to.  I added a glass bead to the bottom corner………..

画像 073

alrighty, that would be the knitting update then. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jclyburn
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 05:29:31

    Very nice!


  2. jude
    Oct 02, 2007 @ 21:57:52



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