the typhoon that wasn’t

yee-haw….. the typhoon, number 15, died out and just brought us a day of solid rain.

so…….. I watched episode 3 of SURVIVOR CHINA on you tube.  I. Love. That. Show.

and… being the one that I am…… gathering up bits of this and bits of that….. got  a sudden idea and made a bag……. and it turned out pretty cool….. and at a later date I will post a picture of that bag and announce a contest regarding the bag.  WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!

and because of the torrential rain, the rice cutting for tomorrow of the school rice field has been put off until friday.  You can look forward to stories about MAMUSHI (poisionous snakes that hang out in the fields) sickle cutting accidents (I won’t touch one since I nearly cut off my pinky in a tragic rice cutting “incident” many many years ago…) and blisters from tying off the rice bundles.   Oh what fun!!!!!!


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