more on the seafood topic.

first of all, I must say, that is a very impressive fishing photo.  Excellent catch and fabulous photo.  My kids would like to know a few more details on the catching of this fine fish…… do share.

moving on…. an urchin report….

画像 701画像 701”  

a day at the beach and some fresh seafood.  My fine young son has finally grown into the mask and snorkel and fins and is very comfortable in the water.  He spent the afternoon “bringing home the bacon” providing SUSHI for his dad.  The two young ones were happy in the tide pools with occasional dips in the ocean in goggles viewing the fish.  I took a long relaxing snorkel and saw dozens of varieties of fish….. it was a great way to recharge my soul batteries and very relaxing.

画像 704画像 704


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  1. Grandpa H
    Oct 19, 2007 @ 00:39:27

    Hi from grandma H. Good pictures and such a nice looking young son. You have a very active family, when we spent the day at the beach we just did the same old stuff, digging in the sand and stuff like that. Do any of the kids like the raw fish like father does? Rain and wind here today, father had coffee with the fellows and I had coffee at Woods with the girls, now watching amovie before supper. How I do enjoy those free vcr’s that we get for the library. Hope all is well there, love grandma H.


  2. Grandpa H
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 00:52:34

    Hey, Maggee,
    You are leading a really fun life, are you not?This blog thing has got your mother all excited. Along with all your other tributes and attributes.Its hard for me to believe that the Tasmanian Devil is growing up to be sch a good looking kid, with many skills of his own. Good parents, I guess. Notlhing wrong with his siblings, either

    Busy day this week. I had to replace the sink in the main bathroom. Had to hire a guy to chip out the tile aarooune the old one, and put in some new. I did the rest.Lots of looking for the right stuff. Turned out real nice.Will send you a photo via E-mail. While I was doing that, your Mom’s dryer bit the dust. Into B’ham today for a new one. Stopped into Macys on the way out of town and got myself a new chair.My old one was pretty broken down.Got a nice leather swivel tilt back thing with matching foot stool/hassock.Money has wings,do it not?I think I am writing too much for a blog,probably should use E-mail. But then my fans could not read of my heart stopping adventures.

    Our two red maples are really dropping leaves. We hope for a STRONG south or northeast wind.
    Enough for now. Greetings to all,especially the grandkids. Dad


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