well, shit.

“gee”, you say…. I wonder what a toilet looks like in Japan…. what kinds of bathrooms do they have over there anyhow…….


画像 843

I give you the fish loo.

Why????  am I showing you the inner workings…… well….. 2 out of 3 kids are sick today..with fevers…… and ….hmmmmm………how do I put this delicately…… the runs….. one of them threw up 8 times last night (he counted) the other one is often sitting on the toilet when her brother wants it.  It’s no fun folks.  oh well…. it’s a warm rainy day….(yay, we need some water to fill our reservoirs) and starting tomorrow the temperature will plunge and there is snow in the forecast for sunday and monday. The kids have fabulous new toys to play with when they feel better and later I will go up to the store and buy them each a new comic/book (just like my dad did whenever us kids got sick).  I’ll feed them ritz crackers and ginger ale…and hope that they get better soon.

画像 826



oh, I almost forgot……the bag I got for the hubster…propped up on the quilt……

画像 842


why does piglet stink??????



because he likes to play with pooh.



the stockings were hung…….

christmas morning in japan.

the kids are up, daddy is not….we can’t open presents yet.  However, there is a beautiful , unwrapped, coffee maker under the tree….YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

Did just a bit of knitting last week……….


画像 807


画像 811



got the christmas tree up.

3 smiley kids put the tree together, I put on the lights and then they put the ornaments on.  It sure has gotten easier now that they are older and can do it all by themselves.

画像 797

there they are!!!! the tree skirt my mom made. and in the background to the right, you can see some brush calligraphy that Kazu did. Just to the left of the tree is a felt christmas tree with 25 hooks for counting down to christmas…. the far left is the computer area…….and there are a few little stockings I have knit hanging in the front window……..

And now for a quilting update…….

画像 804

I am quilting the red part with a multi -colored sashiko thread and using a multicolored thread to go around all the blocks.  I hadn’t made any lines to follow, but the sashiko stitching is ending up being straight lines……

today and tomorrow then school is finished and the kids will be around until January 8.  Uff Da.

glove love.


nah, it wasn’t knitting for trees.

yah, it was gloves.

画像 792


画像 793



画像 791




yah, they don’t match.  different sizes. different colors.

nah, it doesn’t matter. 

cold hands have been warmed.





TODAY!!!!!!  DEC. 12…in asia, anyway….today is my big brothers birthday!!!!

(hum a few riffs from the beatles…..) dadadadadadadada..  tsktsktsk…dadadadadadadada..tsktsktsk… ya say it’s yur birthday…..

so, big brother, where ever you are… and I think you might be at home… I want to say to you…



画像 581

love from all of us here.

jan. and the gang.

bring on the hand-knits!!!!!!





画像 796


Looks like hand-knits for trees.

about the blog…….

Hello, Jan here.  Jan in Nagasaki to some of you. whereishenow is another of my “names” and on flickr I am Sharkbait Japan……. I started this blog hoping to get updates from other members of my family so we could keep up with our traveling brother. It is also a CRAFT BLOG which allows me a vehicle to go on and on about quilting and knitting  and also a chance for me to ramble on with poems and meditations. 

There are 3 people making posts on this blog… below,” blogging from VA ” is my sister-in-law and I am very excited to see that she has written an update on my brother and also my two nieces.

The other blogger is my sister, she is jclyburn and has written a few updates about my nephew and life in Alaska. (she knits and quilts, too)

Dear readers, thanks for stopping in….. I wish that I could sit down with each and every one of you and share a pot of chai….oops, careful when you sit there, there might be some pins…..

Peace.   Jan

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