about the blog…….

Hello, Jan here.  Jan in Nagasaki to some of you. whereishenow is another of my “names” and on flickr I am Sharkbait Japan……. I started this blog hoping to get updates from other members of my family so we could keep up with our traveling brother. It is also a CRAFT BLOG which allows me a vehicle to go on and on about quilting and knitting  and also a chance for me to ramble on with poems and meditations. 

There are 3 people making posts on this blog… below,” blogging from VA ” is my sister-in-law and I am very excited to see that she has written an update on my brother and also my two nieces.

The other blogger is my sister, she is jclyburn and has written a few updates about my nephew and life in Alaska. (she knits and quilts, too)

Dear readers, thanks for stopping in….. I wish that I could sit down with each and every one of you and share a pot of chai….oops, careful when you sit there, there might be some pins…..

Peace.   Jan


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