it’s in my genes.

Quilting is intuitive

Quilting is organic

Quilting is connecting will all quilters

I quilt, therefore, I am.

I have had two goosebump experiences lately in which I felt innately tied to other stitchers.

 The first one was several months ago…… a friend of mine with kids in another school district needs to send Lunch mats/place mats to school with her kids to put on their desks while they eat lunch.  I was pawing through my stash and folding old holey jeans and I had a sudden thought.  The leg below the holes in the knees, if cut off and slit up the side would be just the perfect size for a place mat!!!  I could cut another fabulous piece of fabric to size,  stitch  it to the jean piece with some sashiko and embroidery, hem it and for the cost of thread have a beautiful and functional mat!!!! So I did.


Insert photo here.

unfortunately I did not take any photos.


The goosebump moment is about to be revealed………


I have this book which I can highly recommend called….. THE FOLK ART OF JAPANESE COOKING…  by Gaku Homma.


The book is great, because not only does it contain great recipes…it also has great stories  about the author’s childhood and stories about his family.  He tells one about his mother…

“Each student brought a large cloth napkin from home which he or she spread out on the table for the dishes to be served on. The other kids had napkins stitched on new sewing machines with fancy tulip or butterfly designs.  My mother gave me a hand-stitched napkin —THIS IS THE GOOSEBUMP PART— made from old clothes.”  (japanese country cooking pg.21)


So, now I know… in another life, I was an old Japanese woman!!!!


Yesterday, I got an airmail package of craft magazines from my mom…..knitting and quilting and stuff…… a magazine I have never seen before caught my eye….from 2001….QUILTS ARE FOREVER…by Kathy Lamancusa.  “30 heartwarming stories of people and their quilts. ”  ——GET READY FOR THE GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!!!!——


“Ugly Quilts”

it’s an article about a group of women that put together quilts for the homeless made from recycled fabrics and donated supplies.  They got started in 1996 making these quilts to distribute to the homeless in the Cleveland area.


Now, I hadn’t thought that I had actually invented the Ugly Quilt concept, but I did think I was rather unique in that I took the material from my stash that I would never ever use and sewed it all together to make a quilt that could be–would be — beautiful. My loyal readers know that in fact, that is what I did. I created a quilt from “ugly” to create “beauty”.

The real clincher is that the group, by 2001, had put together 1000 ugly quilts. Oh, and the name of the group????????   My Brother’s Keeper….

shiver. tingle. howl!!!!!!!!!!!!


make something by hand –

it will be a dwelling place for your spirit

for all time.

And as you work, know that you are

joining with all before you,

and all who will come after you,

when all that may be left behind

of your walk through life is this testimony….

made by your hands.

–Carol Endler Sterbenz





5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. WAcousin
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 23:46:12

    Your writing, dear cousin, puts a ray of sunshine in our gray and gloomy Northwest day. Thank you. My “ugly quilt” is still not finished, but almost. Your Mom suggested I change the name, but inspiration hasn’t hit yet.


  2. whereishenow
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 23:56:12

    dear dear wa cousin…. how are you holding up in all the flooding??? are you keeping dry????

    and you know, your quilt will speak to you…it will reveal itself and all will be well.


  3. Grandpa H
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 03:47:54

    graandma H from washington, finally sunshine for two days now and the water is drying up. We do have water and some places don’t.

    I just love it when MY girls can talk and about crafts and stuff like that. Love to all.


  4. jude
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 12:05:30

    love this final poem….


  5. WAcousin
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 15:08:29

    OK Grandma H. You’ve hade SUN for two days? Not fair!! Fortunately, the flooding has not affected us. Such a mess for so many.


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