quilt and a little quiz……

we have several nice neighbors and we all kind-of share stuff that we get… sometimes I get a box of vegetables from the mother-in-law and I pass stuff around and sometimes I get stuff for my husband because the neighbor lady knows he will appreciate something that I can’t/won’t/don’t fix.

Last week she brought this over for him to enjoy with his sake.  For those of my loyal readers that don’t live in Japan, why don’t you take a guess as to what exactly it is… and if my loyal in Japan readers would hold off just a bit and offer some help later……..


画像 965



this week I started  knitting a beret and my right thumb has split right at the top inner tip.  Does that happen to anyone else in the winter?  It cracks open and gets blood on my knitting. It also hurts like a ____________.   I am knitting a bit to let the tip of my left middle finger heal because as you all know I finished this last week…..


画像 968

happy belated valentine’s day to you all.  Kayla and I made brownies and then she and her friends walked around the neighborhood handing out their pretty little bags of homemade treats to the boys that they like.  March 14, the boys in turn will give the girls cookies or treats as a thank-you for the “affection”.

I,  myself,  shared a bottle of wine with my husband as a treat.  He, representing the men of Japan, brought me the same thing he always does…… I will insert a photo below…..

photo not available

flowers, chocolates, champagne,lingerie

psst…if he really wanted to impress me he would bring me pizza and yarn.

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  1. Jenna
    Feb 16, 2008 @ 03:28:20

    I have no idea what that dish could be. Is it a sliced up fish? It’s so shiney.


  2. debbie
    Feb 16, 2008 @ 09:46:01

    I think your picture of your Valentine’s Day present would look exactly like mine!!! 😦 Good thing I buy my own flowers, chocolates (along with theirs, of course) and a little something just for me!!!


  3. ohime
    Feb 16, 2008 @ 10:56:04

    Love the picture of the kids sitting together, so lovely.
    Congratulations on finishing your quilt, it’s colourful and fun, and the yellow border and back are perfect. The sashiko is a nice touch too.
    As for the quiz, yes, I know what that is… the same thing has been haunting me lately for some reason, so weird…


  4. Ravenhill
    Feb 16, 2008 @ 16:38:10

    Your quilt is just amazing! did you actually hand stitch the entire quilt? It is so beautiful and unique. I am really impressed. The children look so beautiful and cozy all snuggled up underneath it.

    The dish must be some kind of fish or squid or something. I haven’t told you before. I used to work at Japanese restaurants – one in Minnesota and the other in Oslo. I don’t recall seeing the dish though. I love sushi and sashimi!


  5. jude
    Feb 17, 2008 @ 18:53:30

    yes the quilt is now a more wonderful cloth now that it has become a shelter…
    squid was my first reaction to the mystery dish.


  6. Jolene
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 00:39:37

    J.D. Clyburn guesses octopus.


  7. Grandpa H
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 01:35:08

    grandma H goes with Jolene and I do think you did a very good job on the quilt, it is a beautiful quilt. Nice here today, got up to 5l so nice and even had the sunshine to go with it. Kids look cute in the quilt, such good looking children you have. Love to all, me


  8. whereishenow
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 21:49:06

    a little help and guidance regarding the “mystery” food.

    it is from the ocean.
    it is “meat” but many will argue that is so very very near non-animal that a vegetarian could , in theory, eat it. (I don’t)
    when I go snorkeling I see these ALL OVER….they are plentiful and just SIT THERE…. too bad that I don’t eat them because they are easy pickin’.


  9. debbie
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 00:27:10

    Oohh…”easy picking”…or easy ‘smooshing with your feet as your go walking along the shoreline in Guam”!!! Not many things quite as digusting as one of those smooshing through your toes!!! yuck!! 😀 I can’t imagine actually eating it!!


  10. Jacadamia
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 14:40:25

    I do live in Japan but I’ve got no idea what that delicacy could be. Is it some kind of shell fish?

    Split thumbs, yes. I grated the corner off my thumb two years ago on the sharp mandolin slicer thingie, now it splits all the time particularly in cold weather. And my hands crack and bleed all over stuff, luckily not my sewing lately. They improved after our short trip away in the SUN.

    Love the quilt, what a patient person you are.


  11. Ravenhill
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 17:35:45

    Now I know! I think it must be jellyfish! I have tried that before at my great aunt’s home in NY city. She had cooked it though and it looked completely different from yours…


  12. WAcousin
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 19:05:04

    The more I know about the mystery “meat”, the more I think I’ll pass!! Love your quilt – and the picture with the kids.


  13. Tigermama
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 03:38:40

    Your quilt is beautiful! I`d love to learn how to do that.

    I have no idea what that fish-stuff is either but I`m sure my dh would LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


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