a whole lotta love out there….


gifts from India….

画像 973

from tiki tiki/ dahlbat 


画像 974

from Ravenhill 

blogging has opened up a great big world for me, the “craft” bloggers out there are just so amazing and inspirational!!!  They send fabulous stuff too.   It feels good.

in knitting news…. I finished a beret and liked it so much that I immediately cast on another one in red…on my new addi turbo needles that my sister sent me for christmas…(again with the love!!!) I got the pattern from Interweave Knits winter 2006 and the inspiration from Moonstitches……

画像 981

画像 982

now I am off to read about linking so that I can link to every one I mentioned today…..


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. debbie
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 12:16:45

    I am loving those buttons!!! What a couple of great boxes to get in the mail!! 😀 And the hats are great….you know…if I were a “hat person”, I’d be takin’ one!!!
    Have a great weekend!!


  2. Grandpa H
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 18:45:36

    Graandma H says, I to like the buttons and could that PIN be a name sake.? Also did Ravenhill ever get those books or magazines that I sent.? Love


  3. Ravenhill
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 19:35:58

    Yes, I got the magazines!! Thank you for sending them to me! I blogged about it: http://ravenhill.typepad.com/weblog/2008/02/this-has-been-a.html

    Nice shot Jan of the gifts you have received. Do you have any plans for your Norwegian buttons?


  4. whereishenow
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 21:39:47

    yes, mom… the beautiful pin which is difficult to photograph properly is a “namesake”

    as for the other buttons, my favorite one has a moose on it…I am waiting for inspiration. since I don’t knit sweaters….I will save them for embellishing….. hats perhaps….or maybe a closure on a bag of some sort. at any rate, I really love to just look at the buttons and play with them. simple pleasures.


  5. paida/ Lauren
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 14:43:05

    I love it! So cool.

    I love those buttons too – reminds me of my hometown in Iowa and great memories of my time as an exchange student in Norway. I think your ideas for them are great.

    The hats are also awesome.


  6. tiktiki
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 11:48:43

    and what will you knit with the spices and chapati turner?


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