sewing scraps together

I get really great pleasure from pinning scraps together and then hand sewing them.  starting small, adding on till it gets bigger and then doing it again. and again. and again.

it’s tactile.  it’s meditative.  it’s productive.

I try not to trim the scraps, instead I choose the piece that fits…..going through each piece, trying it on for size and then finally pinning it in place.  after I get a stack of pieces pinned together, I start sewing. 

画像 1079

here’s kind-of a messy photo of several blocks…


and here is a neat photo of two blocks

画像 1078

one is random bits and the other is japanese blues


and here are 3 girls making pizza!!!!  with pineapple!!!!

画像 1075



once again we shall

see the snow melt

taste the flowing sap

touch the budding seeds.

Smell the whitening flowers

know the renewal of life.

from an Ojibway Thanksgiving for spring.

from “Full Moon Feast” , by Jessica Prentice



whew!!! it’s not a vacation but it is spring!!!!!


the sixth grader graduated

画像 1035

 in a borrowed suit


the 10 year old played in a piano recital

画像 1055

she is wearing her new retainer/braces


I am sitting on my sofa

sewing scraps together

waiting patiently for the day

they all go back to school.


画像 1045

we are all in our husband’s underwear

(I am the big one)

doing a skit from a popular t.v. comedy show.

my kids were so embarrassed!!!

spring has sprung!!!!!!

Ornamental plum blossoms.

画像 1018

pink is blooming all over the neighborhood…. throughout the year, green or bare trees are saving up for bursts of color to pop out where you least expect them!!!!!

first comes plum, followed by peach and then cherry.



画像 1017

with plenty of room for lots of tomatoes and basil.



画像 1013


hot pink quilted squares

blue sashiko wavy lines

lots of room for more ideas.


and finally, my fine young son will graduate from 6th grade next week.  He mistakenly referred to it as his “funeral” .  English is clearly his SECOND language.

I hope it wasn’t a Freudian slip.


it’s not the destination…….

while caressing searching through my yarn stash for one more little bit of red to finish my raspberry beret I came upon a blanket that I started Y-E-A-R-S ago…… with some linen I had inherited, and I can live with the colors…. I just wasn’t enjoying the knitting on several dpns all lined up ….so I put it away……  as I pulled it out this time, I remembered that my mother had sent me a long set of circulars, probably about the right size and I would switch to circulars and get going on it.  So, I did……

thanks mom for finding these things and also for sending them to me.

blanket in progress

画像 999

back to my mother, she mentioned some applique she was doing and not turning under the edges….. I guess we can call it lazy applique… and that conversation turned on a little lightbulb in my brain and I went upstairs to the futon closet (where I store all my fabric and works in progress) and dug out a quilt top I had finished Y-E-A-R-S ago with denim hearts and stars lazy appliqued all around……  so I rushed it down stairs with a nice fuzzy pink sheet…. hung out the futons in the sun (no room in the closet) and laid out that quilt for basting. (I baste my quilts on the floor….I can pin the edges directly to the tatami mat flooring….)

画像 1000

here it is being modelled by the couch –basted and ready to go!!!!!

so the question of the day…. (week, month, year)….is.

Which takes longer………sewing a blanket or knitting a blanket?????

which reminds me of something Gandhi said……

“there is more to life than increasing its speed…”