idle minds get to thinking…..

first i saw this and felt totally inspired and fell in love with the beauty and simplicity. .

click on the link above to go to SPIRIT CLOTH and see the fabulous rainbow patch that Jude has made.

then i assembled this…..

and now I have to finish up the warshrag i am knitting to free up my new addi turbos (christmas present from my sister)  to see what i can come up with. *addi turbos are high tech, super dee duper knitting needles.*

there will be knitting.  there will be denim.  i can’t wait to get started!!!!!!

it will be a mixed media event!!!!!  wait for it!!!!! coming soon!!!!!




 forgot to mention that i can start a new project because just today i finished this one. it’s as tall/long as i am.  like 5 foot 10.   it’s  lacey shawl knit on great big needles (9 mm) and about 24 inches wide.  It is knit with a combination of pink cotton and a dark maroon wool.  It kind-of reminds me of chocolate covered cherries.


yah. two posts in one day.


well, there’s this gap so I will add some text. the above picture shows the stitching in circles that were so much fun. It’s just a nice lazy walking stitch ever expanding….and it’s symbolic for me because i think that all of life is circular and it all just keeps coming back around on itself.

you can quote me on that.  “Life is a circle. ”





here is the one i finished this winter and i really love the colors.  i look at it now and i see a few spots i would have done differently so i’ll know that next time!!!!!!

the one on top, i finished a year or two (or three) ago.  I think i was just playing around with sewing jean legs together and also a bunch of my kids old pants they had worn out…. the quilting is circular. I started in the center and just kept working my way out and around and around…..i made it before I had even heard about the quilts of Gee’s Bend and I think it looks quite GEE’s BEND like. 

I got the book “THE QUILTS OF GEE’S BEND” and I started looking through the pictures and reading the stories of the women and I got all choked up….the quilts are so organic  and primal.  They speak to me because they are so simple, so unassuming and so very very practical.  I believe that the essence of piecework and quilting is to create warmth and beauty from scraps, leftovers and worn out stuff.

creating something  from nothing.


still having trouble but still trying.

There will be tomatoes soon!!!!

and look at the beautiful blossoms on this tree in my yard!!!

this is a bag I have been knitting on FOREVER…..

it’s like a log cabin quilt block on one side


kind of basic on the back

and the strap is taking FOREVER!!!!!!!

well. now i have to learn how to space out the photos. and move them around.  so many details to work out when I really should be knitting on that strap.  ‘Cause you know, I really need that bag.

Was that last full moon the EGG MOON? 

I only remember my grandfather would put the egg up like this,

looking towards Heaven and thanking the birds for the food he found…

He’d call the birds just like they were people,

…and he said,

“thank you for letting me find the egg for my meal today.”

-Huna Tlingit memory of springtime gull-egg harvesting.

from FULL MOON FEAST by Jessica Prentice



photo test and thought for the day

the bag

LOOK!!!!!!!!! I did it!   We are back in business.  Let the stitching updates begin!!!!



The male dragonfly has an amazing penis.

Not only is it inflatable,

it’s articulated too.

My Attempt at Posting a Photo

Jan, I can feel your frustration with not being able to post photos, so I had to try it myself. If it works, we can talk about it on Sunday. Pictured is Jan’s nephew, J.D., playing hockey for his high school team. (This post from Jan’s sister in Alaska.)

J.D. playing hockey for East High

uff da

sadly, i am still unable to post photos. 

later, i will post a photo of my NEW BAG!!!!!! over on flickr.  none of you will be surprised to see that it is blue. it is made of japanese material and  it will contain denim.

in other news, fine young son (child number 3) is throwing up AGAIN.  now i must search deep inside to decide if i should take him to a doctor (nearby) or let him work through it.

takenoko, bamboo shoots…. are in season now!!!!! one of my neighbors brought me one yesterday. It needs to be boiled first, to remove toxins, then cooked in flavorings…like soy sauce and sugar and sake… then chopped up and added to rice.  It is super yummy and free for the picking!!!!!

finally, my good buddy BLOOMING (she is in my blogroll) has found a most excellent place that sells old folk indigo cotton/hemp/linen  japanese farmer clothing.  he has some stuff i most definitely want to buy AND he lives in a city about 2 hours away…. the same city we drive to when renewing passports and to get to the airport… it is very possible that he and I can meet sometime in the future…here is a link to his


sigh…. i can’t really do links properly, either.  i feel like such a lame blogger. you know what that means?????  I think i’ll go make another bag.

here’s a thought

Mere parsimony is not economy…Expense , and great

expense may be an essential part of true economy.

Letters to a Noble Lord, Edmund Burke, 1796—  

PARSIMONY; stinginess. extememe frugality.







it’s pee in a cup day.

instead of good morning, i shouted “don’t forget to pee in the cup!”

maybe at this point you should be counting your blessings that I am still unable to figure out how to post photos……  So for awhile I won’t be able to share crafting updates.

but I can tell you ALL about my kids.

they brought home paper cups, little plastic bottles, carefully labelled “specimen” bags to bring back to school, and a sheet of detailed instructions.  I think it’s a rather nifty system for screening whatever it is they are screening.  Next week I’ll share the details on the pinworm test…. involving sticky tape and “ahem” butts.

In other news, my local supermarket has stocked their shelves with butter at the normal price.  I expected that they would be snatched up immediately, but since they weren’t, I guess there isn’t a butter crisis, yet.

At this point, I would like to ask all wordpress users if the system for posting photos has changed and what are you doing differently?  I checked in with FAQ and watched a very informative video, but could not post photos.  I tried and tried the old way,  but could not post photos…I am not Dooce so I won’t be entertaining you with wit and clever updates on daily life.  I need COLOR and PIZAZZ . I need images to thrill the masses.  Photos of stitches and yarnings and patchwork bags.

you know what they say…..A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS.

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