uff da

sadly, i am still unable to post photos. 

later, i will post a photo of my NEW BAG!!!!!! over on flickr.  none of you will be surprised to see that it is blue. it is made of japanese material and  it will contain denim.

in other news, fine young son (child number 3) is throwing up AGAIN.  now i must search deep inside to decide if i should take him to a doctor (nearby) or let him work through it.

takenoko, bamboo shoots…. are in season now!!!!! one of my neighbors brought me one yesterday. It needs to be boiled first, to remove toxins, then cooked in flavorings…like soy sauce and sugar and sake… then chopped up and added to rice.  It is super yummy and free for the picking!!!!!

finally, my good buddy BLOOMING (she is in my blogroll) has found a most excellent place that sells old folk indigo cotton/hemp/linen  japanese farmer clothing.  he has some stuff i most definitely want to buy AND he lives in a city about 2 hours away…. the same city we drive to when renewing passports and to get to the airport…..so it is very possible that he and I can meet sometime in the future…here is a link to his


sigh…. i can’t really do links properly, either.  i feel like such a lame blogger. you know what that means?????  I think i’ll go make another bag.

here’s a thought

Mere parsimony is not economy…Expense , and great

expense may be an essential part of true economy.

Letters to a Noble Lord, Edmund Burke, 1796—  

PARSIMONY; stinginess. extememe frugality.








2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laneyloo
    Apr 19, 2008 @ 11:57:41

    Jan, I just gotta tell you. The comment you made on Jude’s blog was inspired. You said it SO well for all of us. Amen again…you hava a gift with words….i like it…i like it a lot.

    p.s. the vintage Japanese fabric shop sounds fun…have a good time shopping!


  2. jacadamia
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 01:47:49

    Oooh I got a mention! Thanks! (aka Blooming)


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