blame it on the time zone


It’s today here

yesterday there

but i missed it yesterday

so now it’s two days ago

but still today here

I feel more like I do now

than when I first got here.

dear dad.

you are a compass I carry in my bag

a pocket knife , a flashlight, a bottle of water, and a snack.

you are everything I need when I need it.

Happy birthday.  Remember, you are only as old as the woman you feel.

I love you.  Jan


been stitchin’ and stuff

 yah. I had so much fun making that other bag that I have started another.  It’s all just garter stitch so it knits up quite easily.  Something to take my mind off of all the mindful stuff and just hang out in the mindless for awhile. I am making it a bit smaller than the other one, and plan on lining it with the old worn out kimono that is light and pretty.




so, i have been thinking on what to do with the white squares on the quilt.  The sashiko runs through the printed squares, and I have already gone around the white squares with simple pink stitching.  I decided to do a few pink swirly flowers…. then I counted the white squares… 90 of them…I don’t know if I will do them all or just the outside ones.  For fun, i did some little doodles….. i guess I will just keep filling in as the quilt spreaks to me .  At this point I think it is really underembellished…  however the humidity has hit and I don’t know how long I will continue to be inspired to play with it.




duct tape and hunks of wood.

The only reason we have a dryer is because 12 years ago, some guy moved back to the states and gave us his washer and dryer.  The washer died a long time ago, but for some reason we hung on to the dryer…. for rainy season…..which was a stupid decision because now the burden of recycling is on the consumer and when we do get rid of it, the fee will be about 50 buck-a-roos.

So, the cheap-o crap-o machine that it is, the door…..which stopped latching about 14 years ago…actually broke off it’s hinges…so in addition to tape on the latch side, there is also tape on the hinge side…. if the door isn’t closed properly, the whole thing stops….so I stuck a stick between it and the wall and I have to remember to DUCK when I walk into the room.

Most of the time it doesn’t even matter because I have 5 long laundry poles, 3 nice hanging racks and a covered deck for all my (environmentally friendly) drying needs…but the forecast for the next seven days is rain, rain and even more rain…. I always laugh when Japan is referred to as a “high technology country”.  That might be true regarding computers and stuff, but when it comes to “women’s work” it’s like living in a little house on the prairie!!  I could probably use a busy baker oven to dry my clothes better than this worthless piece of modern technology!!!!!!

earthquake news

There is earthquake news on every channel.  The earthquakes are in Northern Japan.  I am in Nagasaki which is on the island of Kyushu in Western Japan.  We are not anywhere near the earthquakes.   I think a lot of the trouble is from landslides caused by the quakes.  It’s rainy season and the ground is loose and Japan having so many mountains, I am seeing landslides on the news.

I will be back later with updates.

we got weather all over.

to say it is wet would be an understatement.  The rain started on monday, and rain is forecast every day for the next week.  I guess rainy season has started.  I get the feeling from the blogs  I read that the east coast is hot, the west coast is cold and here we are wet.

While my husband was shopping around the internet for various routes for me to fly to the west coast (vancouver or seattle) I rejected (previously flown by me) routes through China, Korea and Taiwan.  Watching the news, I am feeling relieved that we will be flying through the chaos that is Narita/Tokyo instead of AMERICAN BEEF REJECTING KOREA,  EARTHQUAKE STRUCK CHINA, and 12 HOUR LAYOVER  TAIPEI. The internet has made international communication so much easier, but it is just getting more and more difficult, expensive and dangerous to travel.  I will get to experience being photographed and fingerprinted when I return to Japan…. even though I have been granted permanent residency and have lived here for over 22 years, I will be treated as any other foreigner entering Japan.

Fine young oldest son is home with a fever and will be absent from school.  He was hoping for 3 years of perfect attendance, and wants to go despite the fever and backache………Fine young youngest son got some cream from the doctor yesterday for a rash on his face, he says it’s not ringworm but something else and gave him some steroid cream to clear it up.

oh.  you are all wondering where the crafts are.  Afterall, this is a crafting blog.  Well, I am hard at work, enjoying every stitch, quilting.  I thought I would finish up a quilt to enter in the fair, it turns out that I am not “nearly finished” with it as I had thought, but barely into starting…. so with some determination and not yet unbearably hot weather, I am spending a lot of couch time QUILTING.

I have posted before about this quilt, with the sashiko curves…..and the squares.







I am in a bit of a dilema now as to whether or not I should push on and finish it up before August or just put it away until next winter.  There is also the problem of bringing it all the way to America and then finding a future owner………. I am not bringing it back to Japan, because I will have plenty of other things (fabric!!!!!!!!!!!) to fill my suitcases. I sure would like to see it hanging at the fair though!!!

In other news, the school rice field has been planted.  It is actually four patches, divided by narrow levies/walls.  By simple moving a few rocks between the fields, the farmer can control how much water remains in or flows out of the field.  The planting of the rice coincides with rainy season…with the rain we are having today and the forecast this week, it will be a good week for rice to grow!!!!!!!

random thoughts brought to you in list form.

10 very random thoughts to share with you all.

  1. reservations have been made.  deposit has been paid.  we will fly to the us in august.
  2. this blog will be one year old in august and there will be give-aways.  I will bring japanese stuff to the states to mail out, and when i return to japan i will mail out american stuff.
  3. the fuel surcharge,(for flight to america) times 4 tickets, is more than my dad paid for my first car.  more also than(my dad paid for) braces on my teeth.  way way more than my wedding band. curiously LESS than I paid for a new kayak…..
  4. yesterday we drove to Fukuoka to renew one child passport.  gas and highway tolls cost more than the passport renewal fee.
  5. Both parents and child must appear in person because of a crack down on international kidnapping…we used to be able to renew by mail…..
  6. Since I will be in Washington during fair time I have decided to finish up a quilt to hang at the fair.  Must get stitching….
  7. This friday we bring the rice seedlings down to the flooded rice field, walk among the tadpoles and lizards and plant rice!!!!
  8. I and my kids are looking forward to crustos at TACO TIME,  milk shakes and hot dogs, AND root beer.
  9. I have not yet officially informed my mom and dad that we are coming… i will phone them after I post this on the blog.
  10. I will be celebrating my 45th birthday in august and plan on having a terribly rich and decadent cake, large amounts of pizza,  some fabulous washingston state wine and YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!