all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…..

today is thursday, and next thursday EEK, we fly off to the land of liberty, nachos, and the pursuit of happiness…… That means, that if you are wondering whether or not to commit to the kimono give-away, the clock is ticking.  So far, I have THREE  FOUR  FIVE  SIX  SEVEN EIGHT  NINE TEN THIRTEEN !solid commitments which means that I will send off TWO  KIMONOS!!!!!… if we can get SEVEN SIX  FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE  more body , then I will send off TWO kimonos.  So far, each package will contain:

ONE KIMONO (wool or silk)






ONE FUROSHIKI (for tying up bundles or bento boxes)


UPDATE!!!!!  I will be sending packages to TWO lucky winners!!!!!!

to enter, all you have to do is donate something to some charity…. and then leave me a comment about it.  If you already support something local or global, that is great…. and gets you in the drawing!!!!  mention that in a comment and I will add your name to the hat.

and as one final enticement…. if the numbers go up over 15 (big gulp)  I will include……………



one fish.

one fish.


leave me a comment before July 30…. U.S. addresses only please.


someone else is having a give-away!!!

a really really wonderful and fabulous quilt is being given away !!!

quick!!!  go there now and leave a comment for your chance to win!!!!! and then come back here and get details for how to win a kimono and a bunch of other stuff!!!!! Scroll down for details!!!!!!!!!!

100% Japanese things from Japan…. brought  over the pacific in my suitcase and mailed to one or two lucky winners!!!!!!!!!!

close up of the wool kimono

close up of the wool kimono

kimono giveaway!!!!!

dot with a daisy!

dot with a daisy!

Basically, I am not the kind of person that dots her i’s with  a smiley face… or a daisy….. but on the back of a quilt……WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! I mean WHY NOT!!!!! a quilt is a very personal statement which involves HUNDREDS of hours of  precious time and if I want to include DAISIES, then DAMN IT!!!!! I will.  Which leads me to the topic of WOLVES.

LA LOBA..on the fair quilt

LA LOBA..on the fair quilt

This is the wolf on my fair quilt which is proceeding very slowly because it is just too hot and humid to get much stitching done……I stitch a howling wolf on all my quilts.  I like the wolf.  The wolf is good, the wolf is strong……..

Like La Loba, collect the bones of lost valuables and sing them back to life.  Forgive as much as you can, forget a little, and create a lot.  What you do today influences your matrilineal lines in the future.  The daughters of your daughters of your daughters are likely to remember you, and most importantly, follow in your tracks.

—–From WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES—-by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

I am excited to announce that three people have become entered into the kimono give-away.  There is still time for those of you still interested.  Support for local causes or global causes gets your name in the hat.   Scroll down for details and photos…. I have been going through my stash and adding to the pile……. thanks for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my mama didn’t raise no quitters……

I am not a quitter.  I am a quilter, though… (only one letter different!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


the kimono give-away is not done.  In August I will be 45 years old.  If I am lucky, then I am now at middle age…… half-way there…. the glass is half-full… know, an optimist.

So, Japanese stuff is HOT HOT HOT now.  and I have a bunch of it and I want to share it all with YOU.  When I say you, I mean you craftycreativeartisticfabrichoardingyarnstashingstitchingbitching bloggers.  I have faith in every single one of you…. get out your checkbooks, cash in your paypal accounts, give a little love and send me off an e-mail.  I will write each and every name down on a piece of paper, put it in my dad’s old stetson and then on my birthday I will start pulling names out…..I have enough stuff for at least 2 people, but if  I get a lot of love, then I can find stuff for even more.  So, spread the word….. let’s get this thing off the ground.

 Come over to my side of the boat, let’s see if we can tip this baby over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some additional cottons

some additional cottons

added some silky stuff

added some silky stuff

each kimono package will contain some silks, some cottons, a COTTON TIME magazine, a mask, a furoshiki and a kimono, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scroll down for more details and more photos…..deadline for entry is July 30.

U.S. addresses only please.

ya win some and ya lose some. kimono giveway is back on!

sometimes you feel like a nut…..sometimes you don’t

UPDATE ON THIS POST…. I WILL RE-OPEN THE KIMONO GIVE AWAY….Let’s see if we can get some people in this week…..scroll down 3 posts for rules and information.

well, I got some very nice comments and “met” a few new people….however…..due to lack of interest…I think I am going to move on from the kimono giveaway and put my energy in to other areas.

thank you all for your input and interest.  If anyone is interested in the kimonos or the COTTON TIME magazines or the amigurumi crochet book or anything else,  let me know….send me an e-mail .

janimagee AT yahoo DOT com

This giveaway is open only for U.S addresses…I will  also be having a giveaway in the fall, any address from any country will be able to participate.  Thanks for sticking around and let’s get this party started!!!!!!!

tgif…but really, monday is better.

3 toms fresh from the garden.

3 toms fresh from the garden.

dinner art. by and for a 7 year old.

dinner art. by and for a 7 year old.

kimono raffle day two….

okey dokey… off to a bit of a slow start.  but thats o.k. 

To sweeten the pot a bit, I have decided to share a few photos of what I will be including with each kimono……….because these days, we’re all looking for that little bit of “extra”.

some of the extras

some of the extras


 With each Kimono I will also include one or two FUROSHIKI (square cloth for wrapping and carrying things) one or two COTTON TIME magazines (in Japanese) a mask, and either an AMIGURUMI crochet book or an UKIYOE mouse pad……..

stayed tuned for more updates……the rules are posted below….. donate to worthy causes  for chances to win the kimono and other treats.

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