photo proof

well, I have evidence, in the visual aid type, that I have been keeping busy.  It’s not all bugs and kids around here, we got STITCHIN” too……

mustard yellow mohair with brown linen highlites!

mustard yellow mohair with brown linen highlites!

this is a KATA SCARF from the book MINDFUL KNITTING… by Tara Jon Manning. I like this book, it has lots of nice patterns that I would like to make some day, and also is enlightening to read…with lots of zen tidbits thrown in… I am making this scarf for someone special….. unfortunately she lives in a warm climate, so I have to find out if there is ever any cool time for her to get any use out of it!

lots of strips sewn together.

lots of strips sewn together.

lots and lots of meditative sewing.  Match up sides, pin them together and then sew them up.  I love the slow, mindful, relaxing process of watching these blocks grow.  I work on them daily… taking time out about once a week to iron…. and have enough sewn together to just about cover the living room floor (it’s a small room) pretty soon, it will be a quilt top and I can find a suitable back…. and by spring, I should have another quilt!!!!!

some french seam practice.

some french seam practice.

I saw that MAIRURU (she is in my blogroll) was making patchwork FUROSHIKI with french seams.  I learned (from her) that with the  neat seams on the back, you don’t need a lining.  So, I decided to copy her idea and I think that it’s working out great.  I will make these about a meter square and maybe wrap up christmas presents or something in them.

MINDFULNESS: Engaging in moment-to-moment awareness, allowing yourself to be aware of what is happening in your mind and in your surroundings without judgement or interpretation–simply as an observer………


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tik tiki
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 00:22:01

    beautiful post


  2. jude
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 17:42:43

    and i love the french seam idea, how simply common sense.


  3. tiffany
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 11:13:11

    i have enjoyed reading your blog. i came across it looking for information about craft and art stores in nagasaki. i live on fukuejima and we occasionally take the ferry to nagasaki city. i’d love any insight you could give me about the area (especially about art and craft stores). take care.


  4. whereishenow
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 11:33:10

    hi tiffany!!! glad to meet you!!! I have been to Fukue many many times… rode that ferry …. way too many times!!!

    it’s a beautiful place… but there isn’t much there, is there!!!

    please send me an e-mail (janimagee at yahoo dot com) and let’s try to get together next time you come to nagasaki.

    I checked out your blog, and also some of your commenters, their blog rolls include lots of blogs that I visit. Small world, isn’t it!!!!


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