Happy Thanksgiving

Today of all days I want to sit down and count my blessings.  I need to remind myself that I am  lucky to be living in such comfort and safety. I have so much to be thankful for.  I couldn’t even begin to list what overflows from my cup.  From health, to family, to love, to friends, to all that keeps me living a sane and balanced life.  I wish that I didn’t take it for granted and that I would appreciate more and complain less. I woke up to non-stop coverage of the tragedy in Mumbai.  It’s a harsh reminder that all that is good can change so quickly.  My prayers go out to the people there and to their families. To my friends in India (and you know who you are)  …keep safe. At times like these, as ever, it is important to continue our fight for a peaceful planet and to keep on sharing the love. It is also our duty as citizens of the earth to keep on creating and doing what we love… on that note, I would like to share a photo of the knitting projects I am committing myself to finishing before I start anything new…….



let’s see, from the top left, in white, is the “heartbreakingly cute baby kimono” from Mason-Dixon….it will go to Germany next week for a grandbaby not yet born. Middle top is the beginning of a scarf being made from a re-purposed sweater I pulled out of the trash…. it will be be the “grown up bonnet” from KNIT 2 TOGETHER. Top right in (recycled) Icelandic wool is a Yarn Harlot pancho for Kayla….below that, in many yarn scraps, is a BOLSA DE OLLANTAYTAMBO (bag) from ANDEAN FOLK KNITS and finally, from MINDFUL KNITTING is the mustard yellow Kata felicity scarf to wrap around a cold neck in India…there is also a bath mat in progress….




in keeping with the whole groovy 60s mood, I have added a peace sign.  I also filled in some stuff… later I will be adding a skull and a spider (for good luck) .


May it be beautiful before me
May it be beautiful behind me
May it be beautiful all around me
In beauty may I walk
In beauty it is finished.
–concluding lines of Navajo, “Blessing Way”–
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

another birthday.

this family here in Nagasaki would like to wish a very happy birthday to our nephew/cousin. For security reasons, we will call him  J.  My kids love their cousin to death.  They all want to hang out with him and hang all over him the whole time he is there and they are totally  wrecked when he has to leave.


Through out the year, they come up with little stories and little mimics of him… he has made quite an impression on them… Thank you, J, so much for being so patient and cuddly with them.  I really appreciate it and they really love it.

suzan, if you are reading this, that is Kazu’s “Fletch” smile.  … J seems to have lost his smile, but I think he is having a good time, I mean, who wouldn’t want 3 little cousins hanging around….





a special day

I would like to dedicate today’s post to a special friend who is celebrating a birthday. She and I became acquainted through a forum on the web and spent a hot summer week together with our 7 kids. She is fabulous.  We share so much on the phone…. she grew up in the U.K. and I grew up in the U.S.A. …despite that, we have so much in common.  She’s my lifeline, we talk about everything….our kids, school life, politics, t.v., she has a steel trap memory for movies and actors… AND she tolerates my ongoing never ending passion for knitting and quilting (she is such a good listener) .  We share the good, the bad, the happy and the sad.  We also have this unexplainable mutual fascination  with mountain climbing (reading about it, not doing it) and pass books back and forth to discuss.  I think if we could plan a dream vacation together we would trek to the base camp at Everest….anyway, she is good people and I wanted to dedicate these birds to her…. as soon as I finish up some books I am reading,  I will send them along to her.

rosemary's birds




and many happy returns.



more and more fish.  finished some off and sent them away. I think I might start a flickr group so that people can register their fish.  You know, my goal is to have some hanging on every continent.  There are only 7 of them, how hard can it be!!!  Then some in every country!!!!

recent fish

recent fish


Like “Where’s Wally?, it will be “Where are the fish?”  or “where the fish are”  I wonder if my brother has any fish…. where are my brother’s fish?

But enough about fish. Maybe I am over doing the whole fish thing…maybe it’s time that I branched out and tried something new…



aren’t they cute!!!!! I found the pattern….cut some out…. and there they are!!!!!! I found them http://www.spoolsewing.com/blog/ here…. go and take a look, there is some really cute stuff!!! Look on the left side for “FREE PATTERNS and you will find the bird pattern.  Also, a note to WACOUSIN (and to my mom , too) that first post is about the disappearing 9 patch that WACOUSIN showed us this summer.

worth a thousand words….

I’m on the sea! I’m on the sea!
I am where I would ever be;
With the blue above and the blue below,
and silence wheresoe’er I go.
from The Sea
by Barry Cornwall

what if….

your hard drive dies and you didn’t back it up…

what if reality is that your link to the world is temporarily broken and you are left to local friends and phone calls….

what if we lived in a world where people could marry any one that they loved…regardless of gender, color, religious beliefs or status…

what if the choosing a leader didn’t have anything to do with gender, color or heritage….

what if this blog was a liberal political in your face save the whales hug a tree peace on earth soap box ranting anti-nuclear pro-veggie vehicle for my personal philosophy.

????? ????? ?????


(and aren’t you relieved)

So, the hard drive died, and the neighbor computer guru was able to tell me that there was ZERO left to recover and he laughed (quite enthusiastically) as he told me that I really should have backed it up…. (I don’t even think he has seen that episode of Sex and the City…) so, I have lost some photos… luckily I have quite a few on flickr, and on my blog and the memory card of photos that I took when we went to America…

My husband immediately went out and bought me a brand new computer….

“I just want you to be happy, babe….”

and I was back on line immediately.  (we have now become a FICTION/FANTASY blog)

anyhoo.  we did get a new (hardly used) computer and I am back up and ready to go.  I was going to include pictures today, of all the progress I was able to make with all my free time without computer distraction… but….. the batteries in my camera need to be charged and that takes several hours. 

I will be back later with updates on THE ILLUSTRATED JACKET, and possibly announcements on the new president…. We will know here first because JAPAN is a day ahead of THE U.S….. (we have now become a humor blog).

“Sometimes in quiltmaking,  we go off on learning tangents for years.

It’s no different from real life.

Sometimes it takes a long time to learn something simple.”

Joan Colvin,  The Nature of Design.


(and we are still a stitching blog….one stitch at a time)