cryptic warsh rag…


stuck at home with a sick kid

cold day can’t get much done

special friend going on a special trip

an idea!!!! a great idea!!!

something special to commemorate her adventure

some graph paper to work out the design

a day on the couch with a sick one…..

god bless america

god bless america

i sent it yesterday, she should get it tomorrow… if she breaks the code, I will add on a better picture…


the fever is down and the kid wants to play… I have started another warsh rag for another updates later….. 3 days left in this year… are you ready for the year of the ox??? (how about a cow???)


she got it… maybe misread it ..(or not)

anyway…here it is….



and in the other white stripe row, there are 50 purl stitches (for the 50 states, ya know….)

any hoo… there ya have it… the red white and blue go obama warsh rag!!!! 




Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..


3 kids...

3 kids...


We celebrated the winter solstice with a citron in our bath.  Kids on vacation since the 24th and it’s a cold cold week in Nagasaki.  I am stitching on the moon quilt by day and snuggling under it by night.

From all of us here to all of you there, hope your christmas is MERRY and that your new year is GREAT!!!!!

Love, Jan.

Greetings from Chilly Washington

Hello sister and all!  We arrived after good flights in SeaTac yesterday afternoon and drove North.  Our bags did not travel with us as they missed the flight, but they did catch up with us this afternoon.  The roads last night were pretty bad but passable as long as we took our time and most other drivers were driving reasonably.  The scenery last night was beautiful too, with snow covered great big pine trees (not sure what kind they are but they are big!) The sky was clear and stars bright, but every time I tried to look I drifted off the lane, so stopped looking.  We had a good time today getting some things ready before the storm hits and eating a box of chocolate covered cherries.  I think Dad likes cooking breakfast as we had a really terriffic one this morning.    I also was able to get some really good maple bars.  I do not know why the rest of the country does not have them, but they are good here.  We are committed to finding a recipe for the maple stuff and then drizzling it over ordinary doughnuts to creat that perfect maple bar effect.  Tomorrow if weather not too bad we will go to church.  I hear supper getting ready upstairs so will go help and add more later.


Is it the 12th yet in America???


It’s the 12th in Asia.

I phoned my brother, but he was out.


On this day, in the early 60’s

in  a small town in Western Washington

a cute little red headed baby was born.

He would grow up to do great things.

He would  excel at acedemics.

He would serve his country.

He would travel the world.

He would become a great husband (I hope)

and be an excellent father (I have observed)

and he would be my big brother.



In other news… I managed to get a few christmas cards to the mail and also finished up some birds and some stockings.   Next week I plan on doing some holiday baking… possibly even making some CHEX PARTY MIX… one of my very mostest favoritest holiday snacks.  I will not be making any lefse…. maybe I can put butter and sugar and on a tortilla and pretend. The moon is most brilliant and is shining down on us all.   I will make a birthday wish on it tonight for my brother and send him my love.



It is important
to honor our beginnings,
to remember that we matter
and that we have
a place in this world
that no one else has.
—inspired  by Native American Indians—

oh, I got off track.

with good intentions, I sat down to address and write a few christmas cards. It gets humid here in the summer and the glue-y part of an envelope got stuck to a card…I tried to peel it off, but it left a a big spot on the card… so I got thinking about how I could glue something over it… like a picture or an old card or something.  Then, I got thinking about the black linen that I want to try some embroidery on…..and I got out my threads and my linen and , well… the christmas cards were abandoned… and I got working on




and then, I glued it to the card…. and then … I went and propped it up in the rosemary bush (because that’s what I usually do) with a christmas bird and a flourescent green little knit christmas stocking and there it is!!!!! 

so.  if you don’t end up getting a christmas card from me this year, the reason is…. I got distracted by some stitchin’.



dec. 3… down….

finished the HEARTBREAKINGLY CUTE KIMONO from MASON-DIXON this morning and will give it to a grandmother -to- be today.  I added just a bit of blue striping and knit the tie……it turned out cute.. and a relatively easy and quick project to make…



baby kimono


next up we have the christmas count down tree

that I made several years ago

from burlap and felt and dress hooks (25 of ’em)

felt tree

felt tree


and finally, I have a shout out to all my crafty readers

I just missed the big 20% off sale at interweave press

but, I wanted to ask you all about the “Paintstik”

does anybody use them and have recommendations about them?

I have been curious about them and have wondered if I should get some.

They seem quite expensive, but maybe they last a long time?

Maybe they will open up great new color  and design opportunities?

or should I just use crayons!!!!

If I get some, would I also want to get some rubbing plates?

Besides your needles and thread, what is your favorite quilting tool?