dec. 3… down….

finished the HEARTBREAKINGLY CUTE KIMONO from MASON-DIXON this morning and will give it to a grandmother -to- be today.  I added just a bit of blue striping and knit the tie……it turned out cute.. and a relatively easy and quick project to make…



baby kimono


next up we have the christmas count down tree

that I made several years ago

from burlap and felt and dress hooks (25 of ’em)

felt tree

felt tree


and finally, I have a shout out to all my crafty readers

I just missed the big 20% off sale at interweave press

but, I wanted to ask you all about the “Paintstik”

does anybody use them and have recommendations about them?

I have been curious about them and have wondered if I should get some.

They seem quite expensive, but maybe they last a long time?

Maybe they will open up great new color  and design opportunities?

or should I just use crayons!!!!

If I get some, would I also want to get some rubbing plates?

Besides your needles and thread, what is your favorite quilting tool?