Greetings from Chilly Washington

Hello sister and all!  We arrived after good flights in SeaTac yesterday afternoon and drove North.  Our bags did not travel with us as they missed the flight, but they did catch up with us this afternoon.  The roads last night were pretty bad but passable as long as we took our time and most other drivers were driving reasonably.  The scenery last night was beautiful too, with snow covered great big pine trees (not sure what kind they are but they are big!) The sky was clear and stars bright, but every time I tried to look I drifted off the lane, so stopped looking.  We had a good time today getting some things ready before the storm hits and eating a box of chocolate covered cherries.  I think Dad likes cooking breakfast as we had a really terriffic one this morning.    I also was able to get some really good maple bars.  I do not know why the rest of the country does not have them, but they are good here.  We are committed to finding a recipe for the maple stuff and then drizzling it over ordinary doughnuts to creat that perfect maple bar effect.  Tomorrow if weather not too bad we will go to church.  I hear supper getting ready upstairs so will go help and add more later.