cryptic warsh rag…


stuck at home with a sick kid

cold day can’t get much done

special friend going on a special trip

an idea!!!! a great idea!!!

something special to commemorate her adventure

some graph paper to work out the design

a day on the couch with a sick one…..

god bless america

god bless america

i sent it yesterday, she should get it tomorrow… if she breaks the code, I will add on a better picture…


the fever is down and the kid wants to play… I have started another warsh rag for another updates later….. 3 days left in this year… are you ready for the year of the ox??? (how about a cow???)


she got it… maybe misread it ..(or not)

anyway…here it is….



and in the other white stripe row, there are 50 purl stitches (for the 50 states, ya know….)

any hoo… there ya have it… the red white and blue go obama warsh rag!!!!