Want to buy a brick???

one drop
one drop


my friend maura, otherwise known as Tik-Tiki, sent me this information which I want to pass on to you.  I am inspired by Maura because of her grass roots contributions to those around her.  She is creative and crafty and has fabulous ideas.  She puts this energy to good use and I admire that.  She’s my idol and I can only hope to be as generous and wonderful as she is. Check her blog (link below) for more information and if you would like to get involved, please contact either her or me… thanks for looking!!!


     Mustard Seeds is a small project our family created.  Although we are small, we feel our efforts can be effective.  Among other activities carried out locally in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), we try to raise financial support and encouragement to various small social welfare and vocational skills training projects here.  Calcutta 100 Club is a simple idea meant to raise money on a more regular basis to provide specific things for these groups that we work with quite closely.  We want to keep it “small-scale and workable” for both the participants and us.  We hope to gather at least 100 friends who are willing to give approximately $10.00 as a donation twice a year. If we get 100 people involved, the amount will eventually come to $1000 each time, a significant amount to make a difference on a specific “mustard-size” project in and around Kolkata. We hope you can contribute just a little.
     Some examples of what we have done so far? Sent ten women from Jeevika Development Society to a tailoring and design course; Built a house for a village artist and her family; provided money to Sangeeta Mondal who had a very successful leg operation and is now walking; bought embroidered handicrafts that were sold by volunteers for various fair trade producer groups, etc.  See below for further information on the current fund-raising project (also check http://dalbhat.blogspot.com for more projects and updates on our current fundraising effort).
       If you know of one other person who might be willing to join, please pass this on.  We currently have approx. 34 members.

SUCHANA is a community group working in rural West Bengal, focusing on education and health. The education project (the Early Learning Group) is a group of children and teachers that meets three times a week to participate in an activity-based learning curriculum aiming to support and encourage those children who attend regular school, and provide an introduction to literacy to those who don’t. Currently, 150 children participate. There is also a health project. This time Mustard Seeds would like to begin to help by providing the new school building (currently under construction) with its electric and phone connections. We need to raise approximately $350 to do this. Any amount over this, however, will go toward putting roofs over the verandah areas so classroom space can be expanded and used in the monsoon seasons.

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