where’s my roots??

my father likes to send me these….

Ole goes into a store and asks the clerk for some “Lutefisk.”
The clerk looked at him and asked, “Are you Norwe gian?”
Ole, clearly offended and angry, says, “Well, yes I am. But, let me ask you something.
If I asked you for Italian Sausage, would you ask me if I was Italian?
Or, if I asked you for German Bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German?
Or, if I asked for a Kosher Hot Dog, would you ask me if I was Jewish?
Or, if I asked you for a Taco, would you ask me if I was Mexican?
Would ya,huh? Would ya?”
The clerk says, “Well, no….”
“And,” Ole continues, “if I asked you for some Irish W hiskey, would you ask me if I was Irish?
 What about Canadian Bacon. Would you ask me if I was Canadian?”
“Well, I probably wouldn’t,” agrees the clerk.
With self-indignation and more angry, Ole says, “Well, all right then.
Why did you ask me if I’m Norwegian just because I asked for Lutefisk?”
The clerk replies, “Because you’re at Home Depot.”
I come from a long line of ancestors.
half of them are Norwegian.
I am proud of my Viking roots.
I was so excited when one day,
I found Emily of Ravenhill.
I was thrilled to talk with her and read her posts about crafting in Norway.
we even sent each other some stuff. 
I got some really amazing Norwegian treasures and she got some Japanese things.
Amazingly, Emily was able to zoom in on EXACTLY what I was craving,
PRECISELY what I was needing, to wrap myself in my ancestor’s spirits…..

self portrait
self portrait




How did she know that I have wanted a blue and white handknit cardigan with silver buttons since the day I was born???? (special thanks go also to Emily’s friend…Anne Katrine.. for sharing this sweater with Emily, and  to Anne Katrine’s Aunt for knitting it….) Check out Emily’s blog for more photos. Thank you Emily!!!!!

tea towels and apron

tea towels and apron


Emily also knows that I love tea towels (and I use them too!!!) so she included several vintage lovelies and a special new one….. and also a fabulous apron.  My fine young son was just about as thrilled as I am and will use the apron when he helps me in the kitchen….and he especially liked the Pure Irish Linen “Mayflower Anniversary” towel…





Mayflower Anniversary

Mayflower Anniversary

 It’s all great!!!  Thank you Emily!!!

Tusen takk!!!


Where’s my cake?

someone’s birthday today

I won’t tell you who

she’s not in Malaysia

nor in Katmandu

she’s crafty and wise

has one girl and two guys

she thrives like a weed

her courage from the mustard seed

her goal: to create solutions to problems in excess

 she sees each one through with creativity and success

she’s in my blogroll to the right

wish her a happy birthday tonight!!!!

travel moon...

travel moon...

(special thanks to Jude at Spirit Cloth for amazing gifts including this beautiful snippet of creamy velvet and for inspiring the wonderful verse which I stitched to it….and happy birthday to a special chick…..)


where’s my teeth?

do you remember being 8 years old?

missing  teeth and funny haircuts…

the thrill of being awarded a medal…

6 months of swimming school (twice a week)

and not missing a day.

he's so proud!!!!

he's so proud!!!!

 meanwhile, Kayla…. struck down by the mighty influenza type B (cue dramatic organ music) was stuck at home for 5 full days, missing out on perfect attendance for 5th grade AND 3 days of swimming school. I must mention here that it’s one thing to be a “stay at home mom” while everyone is off at work and school and a completely OTHER THING to be a “stay at home mom with a sick kid”.  UFF DA.   It’s saturday now, and  OH JOY!    my day must be shared with not only the lingeringly sick child, but the other kids and a husband.  and it’s raining.

3 moons.

3 moons.


“they say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. ” — Andy Warhol

“things do not change, we change”  —Henry David Thoreau


new look

just playing around.  i am so tired of the old and ready for some new…. stay tuned for more changes.


in the mean time….how about a quilt shot……

moon quilt

moon quilt

no new in nine.  don’t add to the clutter.  make do with what you have.  no new in nine.

Embrace your inner fish…

one of my most favorite artists

(and he lives in Alaska!!!)

with amazingly brilliant

fish art and fabulous books

(he does wicked cool designs for Raven’s Brew Coffee, too!!!)

is celebrating his birthday today

I know this because he has it printed on his calendar

March 4…Ray Troll’s birthday….




He doesn’t know me…. but I wear his t-shirts

and I hang his calendar proudly on my wall.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY and best fishes!!!!!!


announcing the arrival of a teenager in the house

happy 13th!!!

happy 13th!!!

celebrated with dinner in a restaurant (Japanese food!!!)
and a yummy white cake with a strawberry glaze…


and now for something completely different….
moon quilt

moon quilt

"mead" and "sap" moons

"mead" and "sap" moons


the moon quilt now has a proper binding
which means that it can be folded properly .
I have also added some dancing …
a time to dance...

a time to dance...

quilting bees

quilting bees

a quilting bee was held
to baste together “THE GARDEN QUILT”
in a large room empty of furniture
at a friend’s house.
It is now ready to be quilted…
I am thinking….CIRCLES!!