holy crap!!!!

a whole month since i have blogged….. i am still here, knitting , sewing and in fact trying to cut down and remove the tree in front of the house… branch by branch….

the swine flu is cancelling club activities and school, but we 5 all remain strong and healthy….and with the cooling weather of fall , the decrease in mosquitos and the  unbelievably blue autumn skies, it just feels good to be… to just….be…..

the 6th graders each picked a sport (soccer, basketball, track or a japanese ball throwing game)… Kayla chose soccer and they practiced everyday after school for about 2 months and then had a tournament day with 6 other schools… the girls team got first place!!!  i spent the day with about 5 other mothers, snacking and cheering… it was great fun and the girls had fun, too… I took tons and tons of pictures, but i think only Kayla knows how to download from the new camera, so i have to wait for her to do that… i am technologically challenged and still  having trouble with our new t.v. remote control…eventually i will learn to do it myself, i mean… i am intelligent and edumacated and illiterate in two languages!!!!

I leave you with this, the camping trip in september….and some photos we should donate to Nissan to use in a brochure…


3 kids and a Nissan...


a Nissan and a camping bungalow...


take a little hop over to my friend Debbie’s blog and read about her son(born just one month after Kayla…) and his soccer day… AND she has pictures…http://kuroiwafamily.blogspot.com/2009/10/and-in-spite-of-having-to-play-soccer.html…..Debbie lives in Nagasaki and she and I have shared many beers, tears and cheers over the years….