sew what, i am a rock star

i got my rock moves...

rock on!!!!

yesterday while i was on the phone with my sister, the neighbor came over to invite me to go with her to the flea market… so i hung up on my sister and away we went!!!  I was in search of KASURI… old japanese woven cloth and i found some….

3 pieces for 100 yen..

at current rate of exchange, with a distressingly low dollar… about 85 cents for 3 pieces….. notice the dragonfly pattern in the lower right…….i don’t know yet what i’ll make, but probably will be used to make bags… or goddess quilts… I also found a nice cotton kimono that i can cut up or not… and a nice wool kimono that I think the neighbor lady is going to help me reform into a jacket….they were just a couple hundred yen each…

cotton kimono with red lining..

wool kimono with no lining



happy thanksgiving.

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I don’t know how to make this pretty.  but click and see if you can get it to work.   Be careful. your  smile will make your face hurt.

batik, boats and leaves……….

wow!!  who knew that the new camera was as easy to upload as the old camera and that I already knew how to do it!!

Yay for me!!!!  this old dog still has her tricks.

I added some purple batik to the edge of this one and it really POPS!!! (because i think purple batik is always an excellent choice…..)

goddess quilt....

 in other news… one of my ladies is going off with her husband to sail around the world… so she invited us out to her boat and then we all went out to lunch…..Bon Voyage!!!! and i wish i could stowaway with them…..

Next.... (name of the boat)

 they are off to Okinawa…

then Palau

the Solomon Islands…..

some fall leaves

 “there are only two ways to live your life….

one is as though nothing is a miracle…

the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

–Albert Einstein–

some projects to share…

well, i have been knitting… and stitching , but spent yesterday in the yard cutting large tree branches small enough to fit into garbage bags…. 4 garbage bags and 2 big bundles…. I came in when one of the roofers (working on the house  next door ) dropped something (HEAVY) and I realized that  it could have killed me!!  so I went inside….but one of the guys said “SORRRRY” (in english).. so I guess english in the schools is working.

A–nyhoo……  I made a poncho from a YARN HARLOT pattern.  and a Bonnet/scarf thingy from KNIT 2 TOGETHER by Tracey Ullman (yeah, she’s funny!!!) and Mel Clark… and I am working on a goddess and quilt to give to a friend who i am meeting for the very first time today… the quilt/goddess is not done to give to her, but her visit inspired me to get going on it…..

(you can click on the images to make them bigger)

dear Emily………

How have you been?  My how the time flies…. your kids are growing and getting older… they are so cute!!!  Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos…. It’s so nice to be able to see some of the Norway which is the land of my roots….

It’s getting colder here, finally.  The summers are so long and hot that winter clothes are packed away deep in the closets and not brought out until the cold days of November. I am thinking of you today because it is cold enough now to wear THE SWEATER.  The sweater that was handknit with love, with Norwegian hands and sent on to me to treasure.

I was able to get rid of 5 or 6 sweaters i had been holding on to over the years because i will never wear them again now that I have THE SWEATER.  I love it so much, I want to wear it every day. I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate that you chose me to wear it.  Thank you.

Take care of yourself and your beautiful family.  Stay well.  Be happy.



photo from last year

sweater from ravenhill

a phew more photos…

the peace park is quite an amazing place and i have several stories to share… at this time though, I think that i will show a few more pictures of  my day with Kai……

lunch together... pizza and french toast


画像 265

the epicenter and memorial for victims


画像 267

origami peace cranes... in strings of 1000


画像 284

even more peace cranes...

photo update!!!!!!!!

画像 359

Kayla's halloween party...

画像 330

soccer girls win first place!!!!

画像 276

statue at the Nagasaki Peace Park...

画像 360

which one needs braces?????

yay!! my fine young daughter downloaded a ton of photos for you all to enjoy!!!!!!   She took a gazillion of her halloween party  and i took a few at her soccer match…. the pottery pumpkin was made by our neighbor… when we do trick-or-treating, the houses participating light clay pumpkins in front of their houses…..

finally some comments about Nagasaki Peace Park….. I have been there several times…. the first time was 23 years ago during cherry blossom season. The park was crowded with locals and tourists and the cherry blossoms were beautiful.  The original peace museum was in an old building and the hot day that i visited, all the windows were open wide and views of the mountains and park were a nice break from the doom and gloom of the exhibits.  Several years ago a modern fancy smancy new museum was built of concrete and high tech design.  There are no windows and it feels quite cool and cave like… the content of the exhibition , of course, remains the same, but I like the old building better.   Kai and I had a chance to visit the peace park together while Kayla took an english test at a nearby high school.  We walked around the statues that have been donated from other countries and sat awhile by the “peace crane” fountain.  At 8 years old, he doesn’t quite get the concept of bombs and destruction and war… but later in the evening as we cuddled in bed, he asked  why America would drop a bomb on Nagasaki…and he also asked if Japan had done bad things to America… we had a nice discussion, and I tried to keep it simple . I  don’t want him to have any bad feelings about either country.. with duel citizenship, I want him to be proud of his heritage….and not ashamed of the actions of either side of his family…It’s a very powerful place to visit and also a beautiful place to just hang out and people watch…

Tomorrow (sunday) is an official school day, doing stuff with the rice crop and also the school is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary.  I’ll be there all day helping.  There will be photo updates later!!!