photo update!!!!!!!!

画像 359

Kayla's halloween party...

画像 330

soccer girls win first place!!!!

画像 276

statue at the Nagasaki Peace Park...

画像 360

which one needs braces?????

yay!! my fine young daughter downloaded a ton of photos for you all to enjoy!!!!!!   She took a gazillion of her halloween party  and i took a few at her soccer match…. the pottery pumpkin was made by our neighbor… when we do trick-or-treating, the houses participating light clay pumpkins in front of their houses…..

finally some comments about Nagasaki Peace Park….. I have been there several times…. the first time was 23 years ago during cherry blossom season. The park was crowded with locals and tourists and the cherry blossoms were beautiful.  The original peace museum was in an old building and the hot day that i visited, all the windows were open wide and views of the mountains and park were a nice break from the doom and gloom of the exhibits.  Several years ago a modern fancy smancy new museum was built of concrete and high tech design.  There are no windows and it feels quite cool and cave like… the content of the exhibition , of course, remains the same, but I like the old building better.   Kai and I had a chance to visit the peace park together while Kayla took an english test at a nearby high school.  We walked around the statues that have been donated from other countries and sat awhile by the “peace crane” fountain.  At 8 years old, he doesn’t quite get the concept of bombs and destruction and war… but later in the evening as we cuddled in bed, he asked  why America would drop a bomb on Nagasaki…and he also asked if Japan had done bad things to America… we had a nice discussion, and I tried to keep it simple . I  don’t want him to have any bad feelings about either country.. with duel citizenship, I want him to be proud of his heritage….and not ashamed of the actions of either side of his family…It’s a very powerful place to visit and also a beautiful place to just hang out and people watch…

Tomorrow (sunday) is an official school day, doing stuff with the rice crop and also the school is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary.  I’ll be there all day helping.  There will be photo updates later!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ravenhill
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 19:00:01

    Your family photos are wonderful! The Halloween party looks like a blast. Your children seem to be so happy and full of fun! I hope you will show us what you have been working on lately.
    hugs from Emily


  2. April Marie "Girl Japan"
    Nov 15, 2009 @ 13:52:58

    The pumpkin pottery… that is truly awesome. I’ve never been to the Peace pare, my parents wanted to go but it is so far away from here.

    Are you gearing up for the Holidays to come soon?


  3. jude
    Nov 15, 2009 @ 14:27:36

    hey hi!


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