thanks for the socks grandma!!!

new socks. nice and warm!!


Projects in Motion

 …when i finish a quilt, and people comment on it, they always ask me “how long did this take” and i don’t have an answer for them…for many reasons… one reason is that i don’t keep track of my time and another reason is that i have several projects going at once, i follow my mood and pick up something that feels right at the time…sometimes knitting and sometimes stitching… sometimes piecing or cutting or embellishing…. little stuff or big stuff… something that requires intense concentration or something i can watch t.v. and work on….so today, i pulled out some of the stuff i have been working on lately… and i think that i need to do something about my “projects in motion” because turns out… there are quite a few!!!!!

quilt top #1
quilt top #2
pieced quilt back
quilt top #3

 Playing with blue and white denim and embroidery…..

playing with embellishing before piecing….

quilt top #4

a strip quilt with traditional quilt block  patterns 

quilt top #5

grandmother’s flow garden which i have been working on FOR—–EVER!!!

various knitting projects…

a hat, a bathmat, a bag, a blanket and  a sock

“little” sewing projects…

fish, birds, goddesses and dresden plates….


Whew…. and that’s not all…but that is the main stuff… my goal isn’t to get it all done…. rather just to keep right on going… playing with it, enjoying it and finishing stuff as it gets done.  Most people say, while watching me stitch… “oh, I don’t have the patience for that…”  or “you are so patient to be able to do that” and that is so not true…. those of you who do this stuff know that it’s PASSION not PATIENCE….no amount of patience would allow me to do this stuff if i didn’t love it so much.  It’s in my blood… i guess i have my mom and my grandmother and her mom to thank for that.

Listen deeply for what

your soul already knows,

weave your overflowing

love for the earth

into your daily life.

—excerpt  Patricia Dines 2007

back to some sewing…

indigo dyed hemp/linen shirt

cool blue shirt...

step one…. pull two nice shirts out of garbage bag on recycle day….. take home, wash, dry ,  put them away and think on them….

step two…..

turned inside out... with shirt pocket...

outside with strap made of inside material

start cutting and sewing…. it feels so good to be back to some creating after the long winter holidays…

I pull such great material and treasures out of those recycle bags and love cutting them up, usually to make bags… I can’t believe that people can throw them away so easily… the way these recycle bags are for “rags” and are not meant to be clothing donations… just “rags”….

Happy New Year

john deere in japan

kayla got something for the computer for christmas and she did some down loading and messing about and i am having a heck of a time finding all our pictures.  they are in here somewhere, but hunting for them is worse than going through a shoebox of old photos….

MOM!!! can we get a mouse???

so on our trip home, we stopped off at a cow place to have some fun.  We payed 3 bucks each to look at cows and sit on tractors and swing…. a lot cheaper than airfare for 4 to Lynden….

"did you take it yet??"

so we petted some cows, sheep and goats… and held some mice and guinea pigs… sat on some tractors and walked around in the mud and muck.  all great fun before we headed off for home…..

on the ferry


I hope that you find peace, love and happiness….