photo hint


this is how i used make long strips of fabric...


piece of long lumber i keep on my deck…



that’s how i used to mark and cut looong pieces of fabric…..



When ART and MUSIC collide!!!

photo updates and a guessing game!!!!

just a few days ago it was cold enough for flakes of snow to fall and today is warm enough to throw open the house, breathe in the scent of “ume” plum blossoms and feel the warmth of spring……..

not sure if it is wise to use this to back my blue and white quilt, but i have chosen a backing…. it is one of those big indian tapestry things… i threw it in the (used) bathwater every night to try to soak out all of that dye that bleeds each time it’s washed, then i gave it a final wash and dry and we shall see what happens!!!

front and back of "blue and white" quilt

the quilting has begun.....

i am starting out with a creamy white sashiko thread for the main quilting…following the sun and moon pattern printed on the back…..

today i thought i would mention briefly how i got started quilting…. when i was about 32 and bringing my first born baby back to visit with my parents, i asked my mom to get me started on some quilt making…. so she started me out sewing together a “9 patch” block… i wanted to make something with denim, so the next garage sale we went to (coincidentally just down the street) I asked the lady if she had any old worn out jeans to give to me…. coincidentally and serendipitiously she had several sons (therefore, several pairs of worn out jeans) AND she had made one or two denim quilts for her sons and invited me in to their room to show me the quilts, pointing out that is is a good idea to trim the denim closely because the quilts are quite heavy….

first quilt i ever started.... circa 1996

i used wooden quilt patterns backed with sandpaper that my father had made… started with 6 inch blocks and sewed denim to cotton….. i threw the quilt top into the washer (before adding a back) and that old worn out denim frayed at the edges, and the new cotton shrank up and i had a MESS…. ripped out seams… pulled out seams…so i stuffed it into the back of my closet and forgot about it……

a few years later, it dawned on me that i could repair those seams, from the front, with Frankenstein stitches and cover the “rough spots with applique….

frankenstein stitches and applique

by the way, the stitching that runs down the center of the snake was done by my son, he wanted to help so I let him do some sewing…that would be his first attempt at “quilting” , i hope that it inspired him just a bit to carry on the legacy!!!

 recently the edges were getting worn out and tattered and my 13 year old son asked me to repair his quilt (that i started when he was 4 months old…..)  so i put a blankety type binding around the entire edge…

nice soft edging....

congratulations to those of you still reading!!!  Now, I have a guessing game question to share with you all (not counting my mom and cousin, how many of you are there…???)  Last summer, we were talking quilts; my mother , my cousin (who was lucky enough to learn quilting from her/my our grandmother) my sister and I, and they mentioned a sewing technique/trick that they use, regarding cloth and quilting and I was totally BLOWN AWAY!!!!  a great new idea for me to use to not only simplify, but also to more accurately get my quilts together…..i think my sister learned it in High School Home Ec… and my mom and cousin knew it all along….. so my question to you, my dear readers is




Kayla's birthday present

this picture is for Little Wa Cousin, so that she can see Kayla’s birthday present

a whole bunch of Rainbow Magic books…. bought second hand….


birthday, haircut, quilt top and UME……

last weeks freezing cold weather has turned to a muggy rainy warm week.. ug….however,  Kayla was able to find this nearby…. so beautiful!!!!!………………..

maybe UME plum blossoms…

and on saturday, my living room was invaded by 9 year olds….. popcorn, cake and ice cream, and POKEMON!!!!

9th birthday…. kai…pre-haircut…
kai—after haircut….

kayla usually takes such great photos, she snapped this one of my haircut… it’s not so great, but i will share it anyway.

no. i am not going to smile…



old and new , white and blue.... with splashes of red...


i have started sewing some of my favorite blue japanese stuff together…. i really really enjoy sewing squares and rectangles together…just matching up sizes, pinning it together and then stitching…. i am in no hurry but it seems to go so fast and then suddenly……….. i have a quilt top….

"do you want me to lay down on it mom???"

 “Yes, there is the PATCHWORK QUILT! looking to the uninterested

observer like a miscellaneous collection of odd bits and ends of calico,

but to me it is a precious reliquary of past treasures;

a storehouse of valuables, almost destitute of intrinsic worth;

a herbarium of withered flowers; a bound volume of hieroglyphics,

each of which is a key to some painful or pleasant remembrance…”

–Annette (pseud.), “The Patchwork Quilt,”  1845….

(from the book…”This Old Quilt”)