long overdue update….



how time does fly. today is the first day of spring vacation.  3 birthdays are over, i now have a 14, 12 and 9 year old. When the new school year starts in April,  Kazu will be in ninth grade, Kayla in 7th (both of them at the same school) and Kai will start 4th grade.   Kazu is in the Ping Pong club, Kai is joining his schools dodge ball team and Kayla is not yet sure what club she will join.  I will once again be  one of the people on the neighborhood council… because i love to be in the thick of things…. helping with the  neighborhood sports day, summer festival and other seasonal activities.  April is really the beginning of the Japanese year, so we’re winding down now as we get ready to start up again soon….

It’s still cold enough to quilt, and i am working on several right now before i put them away for the summer.. I picked up some treasures at my favorite place…. can’t wait till they speak to me and i make something….

Kayla’s 6th grade graduation
treasures from the trash

unbelievable what people will throw away!!!!  There is silk, linen and indigo….. i will probably make bags…

Mar. 29 is the Sap Moon...

here is one of the moons stitched on my moon quilt…


Once again we shall

see the snow melt

Taste the flowing sap

Touch the budding seeds.

Smell the whitening flowers

Know the renewal of life.

—from an Anishnabeg (Ojibway) thanksgiving for spring,

translated from the Anishnabeg………

the teeny tiny jungle in front of our house.



Three Little Tigers!!!

well this is a nice surprise!!!

an update on 3 kids born in Nagasaki 12 years ago!!

here’s a link to my friend DEBBIE’s blog ….

(p.s. there is a photo of ME and several of Kayla!!!)



go ahead and clink on the link above and go check out Deb’s blog…… for a whole bunch of cuteness!!!! (thanks Debbie!)

christmas, 1997.... babies due jan. feb. and mar.

january baby and february baby... 7th graders now...

some of my favorite things…..

treasure collection

part of being a quilter is also being a collector…. of  material, gadgets and nifty measuring devices….most of these things i use, some i do not…….

at the top are the wooden squares that my father made…squares and triangles cut to size to use as quilting patterns….. from 6 inch down to 1 inch….he glued sandpaper on the back so they don’t slide around on the material…. I use them exclusively….unless i am ripping….

next is my super -de-duper PENTEL “graphgear 500”  with .9mm (thick) lead.. mechanical pencil .  It just feels awesome to hold…. and above that a little ruler which i hardly ever use…. 

over on the bottom left are some antique needles from the U.S. (1960) and from Japan…my leather clover thimble (works great but too sweaty except for winter) …. a wooden needle box …and a wooden thingy maybe for darning socks.. (never have used it….)

on the bottom right is a bone or ivory line marker….. from Japan  and  scissors that my children are forbidden to touch unless it is for sewing purposes…..  They are both  J.A. Henckels and i can’t leave them out or  my husband will use them to open his mail .

All  of these are displayed on my sand paper board…. i lay out material  on this to trace my quilt block patterns… i can use it on my lap while i sit on the couch or on the table…

what are your favorite quilting tools?????????