reading this one, now.

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

cooking and humor

what’s not to love!!!!!

with matching warshrag…..

Here’s What I am Going to Read Next!!!

Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund

Spirit Cloth shared this link on her blog,  I have had this book on my shelf for years and now i have the inspiration to read it!!!  there is quilting in this book..


romance, star-gazing and stitching!!!

what’s not to love!!!!!

Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund

I guess i should get that next warshrag started!!!



full moon….

the calendar says full moon on the 26th…. but we probably won’t be seeing it here, what with all the rain… not that i am complaining…about 15 years ago, we had a very dry rainy season which left us with a water shortage all summer and fall… water rationing and lower water output…. so, rain during rainy season is just what we need…. it’s pretty too…everything is so green, greener than green… jade green… emerald green… tomato green…

tomatoes waiting for some sun

ferns are taking over the yard!!!


i think that the hydrangea look their best in the rain, all drippy and wet…

nearly every house in our neighborhood has them blooming in their yards.

It’s the Nagasaki city flower.


We are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”


–Japanese Proverb

still sewing squares. still raining.

loving the red!!!!!

not so much the green

these four have potential

this one got splashed up a bit...

DONE!! (unless i add some more….)


Waka Waka eh eh

well, I ‘ve got world cup fever and i am not even a soccer fan.  But the music is inspiring me to take an interest….


Kai running fast

Kazu in a pyramid

most recent quilt...

the neighbor lady has been bugging me for years for a quilt… and she is truly quilt-worthy… it seems that she is around when my kids need medical assistance (and my husband is off somewhere in the car) so she has taken us to emergency rooms and follow up care more times than i can count.  She and i exchange furniture, cloth and food…. she is a really amazing neighbor… so she and i pieced together a bunch of 6 inch squares… and i took 5 blocks she pieced together (a long time ago) and surrounded them with gray and now i am stitching and embellishing….trying to finish before the humidity and heat of rainy season (supposed to start tomorrow….

all quilts must have a moon and star!!

and just for fun, i decided to use some batting to quilt up some squares….. using nice small quilting stiches and some simple embellishment to create  a  14 x 14 inch square….

turtle, stars,moon and UMI (ocean )

turtle and waves...just keep on swimming

this weekend is the all jr high sports tournament…. saturday i will go and watch Kazu’s (last) ping-pong match….. (because he is a ninth grader and soon done with club so that he can concentrate on studying for high school entrance examinations)….and Kayla’s first judo match…. I can’t wait to see her fight and hope that she wins!!!!! She is in the up to 44 kg. group and but only weighs 38 kg……waka waka eh eh!!