trip to miyazaki.

2nd cousins

sweaty second cousins.

boy with stick bug

mom… (and dad, and WaCousin) this blog post is for you since you are not on face book and i already posted these photos there…

in other news…. it is too hot for much stitchin’… but i am knitting on some stuff and sewing on some stuff….

i am so so so looking forward to fall and hope that it cools down some here soon.   that is all.


those darn kids…


strong man

summer fireworks.

our house..

we are the only house on the street that doesn’t hire a gardener to “take care” of the yard…. the other houses pay someone once or twice a year AND all the other houses spray POISON on everything to kill all the itchy burning  biting bugs….. we like the “natural” look… and i hack all the trees back every once in a while………

our street...

Quilters’ Totems……

..with thanks to QUILTER’S HOME MAGAZINE..april/may 2010…..

The magazine article lists 10 totems pulled from various cultures ….(ant, bear, butterfly, falcon,otter, owl, rabbit, rat, shark, wolf)  people who know me well, in fact , anyone who knows what i have been fascinated with since i was a kid will recognize me immediately… without question…if you think “wolf” you are sadly mistaken…. i usually embroider a howling wolf on my  larger quilts and on many of my projects, AND,  my sister made me some beautiful howling wolf calling cards… but NO… i am not a wolf quilter….

pin from a Bellingham antique store, calling card made by my sister!!


great big tin can full of popcorn!!! (with a WOLF!!!!!)

I am…….


What’s good: You are peaceful when alone (and not hungry). Sensitive  to pressure you still are a great adaptor. 

What’s not:  You are dangerous when in a group and starved for me-time.  If you’re not always in motion, you sink.

The Shark Quilter: You always have a project going, and you find time to sew every day. You even have a custom made sewing kit you take on (business) trips. (Can’t waste that hotel-room time!) Shows and classes aren’t your thing, but your bookshelf  is overflowing. You might join a guild, but only for the member discounts at the LQS. If you haven’t been able to fondle fabric for a few days, your family books into the local Motel 6 until you’ve pieced another top.


(1o Quilter’s Totems and What they mean….. Page 18-21, Quilter’s Home Magazine april/may 2010)

from now on, I'll embroider sharks on all my quilts...


shark teeth, wooden shark carving, pure gold pendant with shark

wooden shark, teeth and gold pendant carved by student...

 (not sure which photo i like best, neither quite captures the mood i am seeking)

I heard that it is “shark week” on the discovery channel in the states….. we get the discovery channel here, but it’s not shark week… oh well… i have a shelf full of (shark and quilting) books to look at… and some sewing to do…..

my travel sewing case... it's not custom, but it is stocked for everything!

several years ago, a friend in the states sent me this OMNIGRID quilt carry all thingy… at the time, I didn’t know that i wanted one, but i have grown to love it and it carries all kinds of stuff….. thank you FELIZ!!! It fits my SHARK image….