In honor of my Norwegian roots

i mixed up some dough

and made some lefse


tonight i will serve it to the kids

for their very first taste

of real Norwegian food….

we will offer it up to the four winds

and say a little prayer……


some stitching…..



“I may not know who i am,

but I know where I’m from.”

–Wallace Stegner


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. debbie
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 13:25:03

    The lefse looks a bit like tortillas….what do you eat this with? anything? or do you just eat it ‘as is’?? love learning about new stuff.


    • whereishenow
      Dec 06, 2010 @ 23:33:28

      lefse is made with mashed potatos, a bit of butter, milk and flour…
      growing up we ate it with butter and sugar……
      it’s a very complicated and frustrating process to roll it out properly… making tortillas is MUCH easier….


  2. WAcousin
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 17:17:08

    Your Mom has talked about lefse before but I thought it was more like a cookie. I agree with Debbie. It looks like a flour tortilla. Please enlighten us.

    How did the kids like it?


    • whereishenow
      Dec 06, 2010 @ 23:35:17

      wacousin, you can probably find it in the deli section of a big grocery store… if not, maybe that scandinavian shop is still around in Seattle at Pike Street….. try it, you’ll like it!!!


  3. Grandpa H.
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 02:23:28

    Jan and everyone else who is interested.
    You can take a flour tortilla and put it in the microwave for 5 seconds, take it out and put some butter on it and then put a little sugar and cinnamon on ir, roll it up cigar style and eat it and it tastes just like lefse, and I have made a lot of the original stuff and eatten a lot of it but the flour tortilla tastes just like it, so a Non Norwegian says. love to all, grandma H.


    • WAcousin
      Dec 07, 2010 @ 21:06:33

      Even though Jan’s Dad’s Norwegian ancestors are probably rolling over in their graves, starting with a flour tortilla sounds like the way to go. I will try this next time I’m making tortillas.


  4. Grandpa H.
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 02:28:26

    Jan: I do give you an A plus for trying to make it as I do know how hard it is to roll out and all that. We have called your aunt Toots and ask her to come out and if she does we will make some. She told us that she has never made it and your father and I generally make ten pounds of potatoes worth of the stuff when we make it. So I do give you a lot of credit for doing it. Love to all from grandma H.


  5. neki rivera
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 17:26:12

    happy holidays jan. wishing you a great 2011 full of joy and creativity.

    btw zara is a clothes store similar to gap, but trendier and very inexpensive.
    think there’s one in tokyo.


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