done and gone.

24 years ago

in 1987, the year of the FIRE rabbit

i landed in Osaka Japan

spent the night in a hotel

and flew on to Nagasaki the next day

I had a bowl of tomato soup

and a beer

in the hotel restaurant.

year of the rabbit

2011, the year of the METAL rabbit.

I have been in Japan for 2 whole cycles of the Chinese Animal Years.
this is going to be a great year!

january 2011…welcome to the year of the rabbit.

for those of you born in 1963….

or 12 years before that

or 12 years after that

you were born in the year of the rabbit…

ceramic animals for the new year

every year, our local liquor shop gives out “hakata ningyo” ceramic dolls to their very best customers.  there are 14 animals in this picture (12 in the cycle, so we have 2 cows and two tigers). We have been in this neighborhood for 15 years now so this year we collected our 2nd rabbit.   We display the animal of the year in our entry way.  This year is my year…. i am “Toshi onna”, a rabbit…… 


water drops

this year is my high school 30 year reunion

i hope to go to that… hard to believe that high school was so long ago.

my oldest starts high school this April..

this is my year….

to create more

to be more

to listen to my past

live in the present

and move toward the future.

Happy New Year !!