done and gone.

24 years ago

in 1987, the year of the FIRE rabbit

i landed in Osaka Japan

spent the night in a hotel

and flew on to Nagasaki the next day

I had a bowl of tomato soup

and a beer

in the hotel restaurant.

year of the rabbit

2011, the year of the METAL rabbit.

I have been in Japan for 2 whole cycles of the Chinese Animal Years.
this is going to be a great year!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. debbie
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 06:07:10

    i seriously love that quilt. the colors and simple designs are just perfect.
    wow. it’s already been 4 years since the “20th year—apron party”?? time really does fly, doesn’t it?
    Congratulations on another year….and yes, it IS going to be a great year!!


  2. aracne
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 21:21:42

    I love the colors that you used in the quilt, the little sun seems to smile and the purple running stitch adds interest: what a lovely artpiece.


  3. jude
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 23:05:19

    hey rabbit. me too. beautiful little cloth!


  4. Jazz
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 01:29:11

    Happy Anniversary! This is definitely going to be a special year! Congratulations!


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