my ume is blooming!!!!

plum blossom

there’s a plant shop on the way to the hospital where my mother in law is staying.  the husband stops to buy flowers and house plants for Kayla because she likes the green stuff.  He picked me up a tiny, scraggly looking plum tree… now that it is blooming, i see that it has great potential.  He is good at stuff like that….

15 candles…

my oldest is 15 now. 

nearly as tall as i am.

most of the time moody and grumpy.

i still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.

spring is in the air

daffodils and purple flowers and a big pot that my husband’s uncle made…

a potter in the family,

how cool is that!!!

tangled up in blue...

showed the latest quilt to a group of older japanese women and pointed out how very beautiful even tiny, worn-out scraps from old kimono can be… told them this is an “art quilt” and how very much fun i had making it…. some of them told me they would bring me some “old clothes” they have at home… i wonder what they will bring!!!!

Happy birthday Kazu…

you are my sunshine

my pride and joy

and a whole lot of new grey hair

that seems to be increasing  rapidly lately.


let’s hear it for the boy!!

my fine young son is going to a birthday party on wednesday and decided to pick out some “magic rocks” from the jar to give to the birthday boy.  I said i didn’t have time to knit a little mojo bag  but that i could sew up a little bag, if he wanted me to…… and my fine young son, who has impressed me with his needle work in the past asked “can I make one”???   so, I said yes…thinking that he would need LOTS of help…. , he  picked out some  cloth (his friend likes purple)  i cut it and penciled in some sewing lines…and he threaded his needle (blue thread) and started sewing… with only MINIMAL assistance from me…he did it.  all by himself (well,mostly.)  and i am thrilled.

the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, ya know!!!

the birthday present.

I see great things in his future.

and in the mean time… he has unlimited access to all my supplies.

my good scissors, too. 

close up and personal…


deb commented on the red (velvet) with the pink?/red? squares, so here is a close up… the velvet (enclosed in a package from jude) seemed a perfect compliment to an old ratty, bug eaten kimono i picked up at a flea market…for cheap or for free…the colors just blend and compliment each other so well, it might be my favorite block on the quilt. The fact that the kimono is falling apart makes it even more beautiful ( to my eyes!!)

matching texture/design

without really trying, i mixed  patterns that (coincidentally?) communicated with the next piece…. trying for some sort of overall plan that went together very casually…lines and squares and using pieces that came from the scrap box in their original shape….

this quilt was a stash buster of material that was so “special” that  i didn’t want to use it, so i forced myself to use that exclusively.

the "USE IT" quilt.


the first block in this quilt, which started out totally as an experiment was the white in the middle/upper left side… i started by blocking out a nine patch and stitching it with red sashiko thread … then i cut up some cloth from a tenugui towel to make another nine patch…..then to frame it, i wove in some strips of very thin, fragile indigo kimono liner …the rest of the quilt just grew out of that….some of the stitching was done before the final quilting  so that i could work with smaller pieces…

the quilt looks so much more at home

hanging on the trees

blessed by the snow!!

another snow day

following record heat last summer, i think that the number of snow days, and the amount of snow this winter must be a record….such extremes…. global warming….or maybe just an auspicious  year….

blessed by the snow goddess...

i finished up one of many quilts i have been sewing on by binding the edges… I will run it through the washer later today to see how it holds up and then do a bit more embellishing…… this was great fun to make….and was made totally with material on hand…backed with an old futon cover….

68 inches X 53 inches