spring break

when i can sit around all day with no interruptions ( THREE KIDS) i like to sit under a big quilt and stitch. These days, with kids around, phone calls, extra meals, homework, and even some work out in the garden, it’s easier to work on something little…. so i have been embellishing …… for many reasons, my mind is being pulled in so many directions, and the brief escape from reality that  little bit of stitching provides is PRICELESS baby, it’s PRICELESS!!!

star signs for the fambly…

thirteen days till i can get back to semi-normal life…

in the mean time…. i can count my blessings and work on my little quilt..

National Quilting Day!!!

Who Knew???

today is National Quilting day.


I worked on a quilt.

quilt for the neighbor lady...

our neighbor lady, and her family is like family to us….. so making a quilt for her was a pleasure…. she has a bed in her living room for her (88 year old) mother.  The neighbor lady has been asking for a quilt forever so a few years ago, i cut out a bunch of 6 inch squares, starting sewing them together, incorporated some blocks she gave to me… added some stars, a moon and a sun (’cause most of my quilts have  a sun, the moon and some stars…) and


center panel with blocks made by the neighbor lady...


one week later….

the earthquake

we did not feel it here…. would have no idea it had even occurred if not for t.v. and internet coverage.

all the t.v. channels all the time way too much tragedy

but we here are fine.

wishing we could do more. worried about the future. glad to be safe, for now.

thank you all for your concern and continued support.

jr. high graduation. 3-15-11

can you find the boy with Norwegian/American roots? 

he will start high school (10th grade)  the first week of April.


stitching up the edges….


-introducing…”to laugh is to live”….


hanging around in the trees

i think a quilt looks much better out in the snow, but probably won’t be any more snow days around here.

this one is nearly done and i want to send it off to someone ….

there is a blank square down in the lower right hand side…

i would like to ask all of you reading this blog to send me some ideas…

inspirational,  life-affirming, feel good quotes, or poems, or verses…

probably i will use a (sharpie!!) pen to write it out

and then embellish it with birds or hearts or flowers or something….

so, please send me some words that make you feel good!!!


big waves and small waves

bag of old kimonos given to me

fine young son.