happy anniversary mom and dad!!!

not too long after they met,

this fine young couple got married.

September 15, 1956.

they had no idea that their life would be so full!

3 fabulous children.

6 amazing grandchildren.

a life in Texas, Alaska and Washington.

giving and taking

honor and respect

loving and laughing

good times and bad

forsaking all others.

Congratulations on 55 years !!!!

with love, Jan

circa 1956...


I gotta sew!! I gotta sew!!!

this no sew thing is starting to get to me.


i got into a little basket of scraps that somehow didn’t move to the new house yet.

just like my ancestors who crossed the plains in covered wagons..
(i suppose they did…. i mean, everybody did, didn’t they??)
i am piecing together little scraps from what i have on hand
from humble beginnings,
a quilt will grow….
starting with some blues and some bees.

naming this one “the moving quilt”

(a.k.a   “the sanity quilt”)
those of you who do the needle thing will know what i mean….

i am still here.

a tanuki in the garden

spent 3 weeks in lovely Lynden Washington.

fortunate this time to meet lots of old friends
and collect tons of hugs.
knit night, the beach, the fair and a rodeo.
too many garden burgers, not enough cherry garcia
and root beer by the gallon.
this month i am focusing my energy on boxing up my life
and moving it to another space…..
knitting some, sewing on nothing
dreaming and planning with
high hopes for the future.