attempting multiple photos…

vanity in bathroom

having trouble  loading multiple photos, trying to figure it out..


less than 1/3 of the sewage line construction





new quilt top.

busy as a bee!!!


the new kitchen.

 the new system kitchen.

it is white.  the blue tiles remain.

the built in 3 burner stove will be on the left..

the (hopefully new!!) fridge will be on the right…

the wire/steel rack in the window is going to be “adapted” with some paint and some wooden shelves.

(by me)

I am also going to build a wooden floor to ceiling spice rack, which will be like a ladder…

I am scrounging the leftover wood from the carpenter to use for my projects…

building  and creating and accessorizing on this simple kitchen is going to be fun!!

i transplanted a large rosemary plant outside the kitchen window for a green view!!