well, there you go.

as sand flows through the hour glass, so do the days of our lives…. damn, how time does fly.

still taking books out of boxes and attempting to find space for them.

(way too much) material still in boxes……

today i actually laid out some cloth and got the mind thinking about stitching.

it’s been a long damn time since i put needle to cloth….


kitchen view from the entry way..

 loving my new kitchen….. trying to keep it neat and clean and inviting!!

view from the back door....

finding that more house and more land takes more time…

it feels good to have room to wander and putter….

always a weed to pull,  a walk to sweep,a  tree to prune…

this season of thanksgiving, i feel truly blessed… 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

huge praying mantis!!


Culture Day.. Happy Anniversary to Me!!!!

Nov. 3 is culture day

a national holiday


my wedding anniversary.

here are some photo updates….

farewell flowers....

flowers from my previous neighborhood association…

notice my fairly new haircut AND my new red glasses!!!

halloween in the carport.

the carport is a fabulous place to decorate for parties and for just hanging out with friends….

two boys horsin' around.......

and just a few random shots of the kitchen……

new fridge

 love that big eye thing in  the center…. big brother is watching!!!!

cassette racks

my dad and i made these racks for my cassettes (holds 54 cassettes) when i went off to college….now turned sideways, they make excellent spice racks… i added some hooks and dowels and VIOLA!!!!!! towel racks!!!! i love to repurpose stuff, especially homemade wooden things i made with my dad…..