happy winter solstice!!!


brr. that patio looks cold.

I think it needs a quilt.

on a cold winter solstice
by the light of a cresent moon
i shall lay a cloth, to be blessed by the Yule!!!

current work in blue....




tangled up in blue….



if i told you i was stitching again….

would you say


or would you say


feels so good.

hi mom and dad….

pretty fall colors.

okey dokey.

back to an artsy fartsy quilting blog.

i am knitting furiously on a pancho for Kayla and each round it gets bigger.

and longer and longer to knit around…

today i dug out a bunch of my favorite Japanese cloth

in an effort to cure my “materialism”

today i will cut and stitch and begin to create.

aren’t you all excited.

I am.

vegetable field next door

this is the view out the window from the room off the kitchen with the computer.

sometimes my neighbor is out there working.

most of the time, she’s not.