spring has sprung!!!


what a huge difference a little warmth and sunshine can make!!

i am surrounded by beauty.


 just outside my front door

the UME/PLUM tree is starting to bloom.

good luck masks...

 playing around with driftwood and clay.

3 masks. one for each kid.

some shiny treasures from my box.

a talisman for the entry way.

February 23..thursday

“I want to dance always, to be good and not evil, and when it is all over

not to have the feeling that I might have done better.”

Ruth St. Denis 

(from “Each day a new beginning… .Daily meditations for Women”)



more snow days this year than last year.

less actual snow on the ground.

isn’t it pretty!!!

snow in the garden.

 took a bunch of kimonos out of a bag….. massive bouts of sneezing and drippy nose…. could it be the wool or the moldy musty memories of old old fabric….?? in a frenzy of activity, i pulled off sleeves and ripped out seams, washed , ironed and sewed…. just a few stitches turned the arms into fabulous chair covers…

new chair covers...

 next project (besides about 5 quilts, 5 knitting projects and a deck support to repair)

is to remove the (bottom) seats and figure out how to cover them…

or at least make some cushions to go on top of the grotty seats.

I am thinking of using some blue denim.

anyone with furniture refinishing suggestions , please send comments!!

Kai is 11 now!!! Happy birthday to my youngest!!!