how does your garden grow..

…warm weather

and lots of rain…

so cool

new leaves in the center ready to break out…

very tropical!!!



look at the little bells hanging down

so cute!!

pretty flowers.

it’s all so pretty!!

can’t help but love spring…






april showers bring may flowers…

alrighty then.

first up, some clematis. for my dad. he has one and it is flourishing

so i hope that mine will too….

clematis on the right.
two cucumbers on the left.

who wants to guess what they are going to climb……

ok then. i have been doing a bit of stitching lately.

slow and easy.

finished up a quilt…..

it kinda looks like the last two quilts i finished….




I think i will leave the pole there hanging between two trees…

you know, handy for hanging things on…like laundry!!!!

 today is my good friend Deb’s b-day….

so i would like to take this opportunity to say


and now it’s time for some cherry blossoms!!!!!

ocean view

after Judo one day, Kayla and some friends walked up to a nearby park for a picnic.they had a nice lunch and took some purty photos…..

it’s nearly impossible to find a photo of any group in Japan without at least one peace sign. 

gratuitous close up shot. because macro is part of the package now and you don’t have to buy a separate lens.

the cherry blossoms this year, as usual are be-doggone-yutiful. blowing in the wind and bringing cheer to our days.