fruit bearing tree, eclipse and a quilt!!

the moon eats the sun

taking the light from the sky

darkness in the rain

—a haiku, by Jan.

fruit bearing UME/plum tree near the front door.

i had no idea there was even fruit on this tree

i see it every day, several times a day and one day, one had fallen down, then i looked up and saw the rest

…they are “ume” sometimes translated as plum, or apricot…

they are not for eating right off the tree, but need to be prepared first..

either pickled or put into shotchu to make a kind of “ume” wine…

 now on this cloudy rainy day…a total eclipse is happening RIGHT NOW!!!

 if you hang a quilt on a fruit bearing plum tree…

 in the light of an eclipse….

it’s a very, very powerful blessing.


how about some begonias?

aren’t they pretty??


latest quilt top is finished.

you know, if you just keep sewing things together,

 pretty soon it’s  as big as a bed!!!!

big enough to cover a queen!!!!

raided the purple stash to make this one….

a brief detour from the usual old blue stuff… 

beautiful flowers in the field next door.

both boys upstairs get this view from their windows.

some more wild life in the garden.