start with a triangle…..

well, i had this little sort of triangular shaped piece of linen which i started sewing random strips around…

 so now i have ended up with this triangular piece of patchwork….

 i guess i will just keep adding strips and see what happens….

posing in the rain with the tomato pots.

all these rainy days and the garden looks so green!!!

this patio is so perfect for quilt lay out….

i just can’t help but to spread the cloth out in any weather!!

the hubster and i were watching a show on t.v. and he was admiring a cheese, as luck would have it, 2 blocks of cream cheese on hand AND (imported) graham crackers very quickly became whipped up into a very dense and rich cheesecake which everyone in the family devoured….Yay!!


I love my garden!!

leftover from the previous owner, there are about 4 pots full of water with leafy green plants inside… one grew a bud and the other day that bud bloomed.  It’s so amazing and beautiful…. it closes up at night, and opens to the day…

rainy season has started. getting laundry dry will be my new obsession.

welcome to my lily pad!!